The student of KPI formula

The student of KPI formula – the project of KPI’s students direct into population and development of engineering arts between students. Student formula is a social educational-engineering project, which general task is independent designed, collect and represent bolid of SAE class. This project consider the students formula-1. In this project take part nearly 500 teams from leading technical university all over the world.

The address of the team student formula KPI: 1 bulk, 069 room, Prospect Peremogy, 37, 03056
Ukraine, Kyiv
e-mail: formulakpi[at]
Social Network:,
+38–050-2345–839 Vitaly Pasichnik (coordinator)

Formula SAE – is the most biggest engineering competition between technical university all over the world. Competition have been taking place since 1981 in whole world. Participants should design independently, create, and than will represent racing car on the stage of the world Cup.

Test for team is create the car, which will be able to pass all competition successfully. In this case, the team must provide documentation design for the project, and will prove that the applied technical solutions are optimal. They must remember that in the end they must “sell” their car, that’s why it is necessary to take into account the economic feasibility of applied solutions. According to statistic, every third engineer of Formula 1 finished Formula Students school