Educational TV studio: Educational films on Chemistry

The film tells about structure and properties of crystals. The characteristics of different types of crystalline grids are described. The film shows the imperfect crystals configuration and their deformation. Finally, the peculiarities of usage of pure crystals and their flaws are observed.

Educational TV studio: Films about austronautics

Launch site The Kapustyn Yar can be considered as the cradle of the Soviet Rocket Forces. You will learn about the history of its creation, formation and development, about the city and the people who dedicated their lives to testing of missile technology

Educational TV studio: Oscillations

The movie tells about theoretical basis of the law of conservation of angular momentum and demonstrates various examples of its effect in everyday life.

Educational TV studio: Materials science

he movie focuses on the process of material fracture resulting from their “fatigue”. It points out the main strength criteria. It tells about the reasons and the properties of material ageing, and the ways of controlling this process.

Educational TV studio: Mining

The paramilitary rescue crews deal with the prevention and emergency of accidents, the rescues of miners. The film is about the solving of mine rescue operations using the rescue equipment.

Educational TV studio: Geometry

Geometry and topology. Topology is a science about geometric properties that are preserved under continuous deformations of figures. In particular, the movie tells about homeomorphism, implied critical points, and Morse topological theory.

Educational TV studio: Heat power industry

The film describes the work of thermal power plants. You will see the process of converting chemical energy of fuel into heat, then into mechanical power. The film shows four basic elements of power plant. The basic characteristics of thermal machines operation are observed.