Department of Technical Cybernetics (KTK), FIOT

Address: Kyiv, Victory Avenue 37, Building 18, Room 409, 431, 437 Phone: (044) (044) 204-94-68, 241-86-50, 204-94-69

Department of Technical Cybernetics of NTUU was created in 1969. Since that time department is headed by professor, academician of AES of Ukraine, emeritus scientist of Ukraine Vsevolod Ivanovich Kostyuk. For 30 years more than 2000 engineers were graduated with specialties of “Automatics and telemechanics”, “Automatic control systems”, “Robotic systems”, “Flexible computerized systems and robotics”. Department of Technical Cybernetics is leading on specialists’ preparation in sphere of flexible computerized systems and robotics in Ukraine.

There are full-time study, study without discontinuing work and contract forms of education. Students are currently prepared for such degrees:

  • Bachelor degree of system engineering in the area "Flexible computerized systems, automation and control” (studying period is 4 years);
  • Master degree of computer systems specialty "Flexible computerized systems and robotics” (studying period is 6 years).

Bachelors successfully work as:

  • heads program development;
  • project managers;
  • administrators of computer systems and networks;
  • assistants in computer science fields from the scientific, industrial and commercial banking institutions of different ownership.

After 4 years of study students have the opportunity to get qualification of marketing manager in “Industrial Marketing” for two years (evening course) in parallel with their major study. Form of parallel education is payable.