Science Park “Kyivska Polytechnika”

Address: 03056, Ukraine, Kyiv, Peremogy Ave 37, build. №6
Phone: (+38 044) 204-81-92
E-mail: spark[at]

Science Park “Kyivska Polytechnika” is a form of scientific and research process organization which promotes effective commercialization of high-tech developments.

Science Park “Kyivska Polytechnika” is established on the basis of National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” in compliance with the Law of Ukraine “On Science Park “Kyivska Polytechnika” No. 523-V of December 22, 2006.

A transparent interaction scheme and developed infrastructure attract innovative companies and venture investors for the large-scale projects realization. Correspondent governmental support provides favorable legal background for the nationwide project development and, as a result, for innovative development of the Ukrainian economy.


Creation of competitive advantages for participants and partners of Science Park “Kyivska Polytechnika” by means of integration of education, science and business.


Commercialization of scientific research results and their implementation on domestic and foreign markets.


• Designing and realization of innovative projects.
• Search of investors and partners.
• Management of innovative developments.
• Establishment and development of innovative companies.
• Promotion and marketing of science-intensive products on domestic and foreign markets.
• Networking with domestic and foreign scientific and industrial organizations.