European educational program TEMPUS at the FPE

TEMPUS is the European Union's external assistance programme whose aim is to promote the modernization of the higher education system through intensified cooperation between higher education institutions of the EU Member States and partner countries. The program provides funding to encourage interaction and balanced cooperation between higher education institutions. All awards are based on participation in competitions and multilevel evaluation presented in the prescribed format of applications.

Ukraine joined the TEMPUS program in April 1993. The program had a focus on improving the management of educational institutions, updating or developing new educational programs and training of teachers. Ukrainian higher education institutions took an active part in TEMPUS projects undertaken in almost all regions of Ukraine. During this time the universities have demonstrated a devotion to reform and the sustained interest in the development of the educational field, the introduction of new approaches in education.

In the spring of 2013 in the framework of the 6th competition program TEMPUS IV to the European Commission had filed a common project proposal from a consortium of 19 organizations, 6 of whom represent Ukraine, including the NTUU "KPI". In November the Executive Agency for education, audiovisual and culture (EASEA) announced results of the competition: among the selected 171 project recommended for financing 33 projects are realized with the participation of Ukrainian universities, associations and non-governmental organizations, enterprises and research institutes – only about two hundred partners from Ukraine will take part in the implementation of the previously mentioned projects.

Project engineering-physical Faculty of the NTUU "KPI" "Modernization of two cycles (MA, BA) of competence-based curricula in Material Engineering according to the best experience of Bologna Process" (MMATENG)" has successfully passed the selection. Work on the project began in December 2013. In the framework of project implementation employees of faculty S.M. Chernega and Yu.I. Bogomol took part in the Conference, which took place on 10-11 March, 2014 in the cities of Leuven and Antwerp (Belgium). Each participant presented his University. At a separate seminar were presented the budget and list of subjects who have to implement in the educational process. Participants and project coordinator approved starting resolution, plan of organizational action in universities / institutions of the consortium and budget.

March 20, 2014 at the opening meeting on the implementation of the project was approved working group of the FPE. A division of responsibilities and adopted a plan of priority measures was performed. The working group included: Dean FPE P.I. Loboda, Assoc. Of Department of High Temperature Materials Yu.I. Bogomol, prof. of Department of Metallurgy and Heat Treatment S.M.Chernega, Assoc. Of Department of High Temperature Materials L.O. Briukovych, prof., Head of Department of Metallurgy and Heat Treatment Ya.V. Zaukychynyi, Assoc. of Department of Metallurgy and Heat Treatment M.M. Bobina, Head of Department of Physics of Metals S.I.Sydorenko, assistant of the department of Physics of Metals S.I. Konorev, Assoc. of Department of Physics of Metals V.V. Kholiavko, Assoc. of Department of Foundry of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals I.M. Guriia. Project Coordinator - Assoc. of Department of High Temperature Materials Yu.I.Bogomol. Responsible for documentation - prof. of Department of Metallurgy and Heat Treatment S.M.Chernega. Responsible for Faculty - Dean FPE P.I. Loboda.

March 25, 2014. Was held a meeting of the working group on the project.At the meeting was discussed problem of agreement the list of disciplines for their analysis and the next upgrade and decided to present the project to the Scientific Council of FPE on March 31 and creat the web-page of the project:

I.M. Guriia, Assoc. of Dean of FPE, Yu.I.Bohomol Assoc., Project Coordinator