Y. O. Paton Educational and Research Institute of Materials Science and Welding of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”
Contact information:
IMZ address: Politehnichna street 35, AB # 9, 03056, Kyiv, Ukraine

Phone numbers for inquires, Dean’s office: 204-91-56, 204-92-21, 204-91-54
Deputy Director - 204-99-05, Reception of the director - 204-91-56
E-mail: imz.paton.kpi[at]gmail.com

Director: Doctor of Physics of Mathematical Sciences, senior researcher Ihor Vladimirskyi

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Departments of the IMZ

Scientific laboratories:

E.O. Paton Institute of Materials Science and Welding was created in the structure of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 2020 on the basis of the Faculty of Engineering Physics, the Faculty of Welding and the Department of Laser Engineering and Physical and Technical Technologies, combining scientific schools with more than 80 years of history. Due to such restructuring, the opportunities for the implementation of major strategic scientific and educational projects of the state level of civilization, including the quality of life, have significantly expanded, and the processes of obtaining an innovative competitive product have accelerated. The principles of synergetic strengthening of scientific schools and strengthening of scientific and pedagogical potential of divisions and conditions for self-realization of students, young teachers and scientists were created.

Implementation of modern management methods, including project management, to quickly focus on the challenges of the global market enabled an increase in efficiency and opportunities to update and expand the laboratory base, the competencies of graduates in solving the threefold problem of material - processing - connection.

IMZ prepares specialists in the fields of materials science, metallurgy and welding and related technologies (soldering, cutting, regenerative production, coating, heat treatment, etc.).

Graduates of the institute work as materials scientists, technologists, work - coordinators (for example, welding and / or restorative), 3D-printing engineers, designers of structures and equipment, inspectors and specialists in destructive and non-destructive methods of control, designers of automated systems in governmental and commercial (scientific and industrial) institutions in Ukraine and abroad.

IMZ Specialities and educational programs

Terms of study for bachelors:

3 years - full-time or part-time (shortened term): based on the educational and qualification level of a junior specialist in any specialty (for graduates of technical schools and colleges)

4 years - full-time or part-time: on the basis of complete general secondary education

Terms of study for masters:

1.5 years - full-time or part-time form of educational and professional program

2 years - full-time form of educational and scientific program

Terms of study for Ph.D: 4 years - full-time, evening or part-time

IMZ Specialities and educational programs:

131 "Applied mechanics"

Engineering of Welding, Laser and Related Technologies - https://zv.kpi.ua, https://ltft.kpi.ua

132 «Material science»

Nanotechnologies and computer design of materials

Engineering and computer modeling in materials science

136 «Metallurgy»

Computerized casting processes