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Regulatory Documents

Information subject to mandatory disclosure

Information subject to mandatory disclosure on the official websites of higher education institutions in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" (Law N 1556-VII):

Code of Honour of the National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»

Code of Honour of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" was developed considering the experience and examples of the best universities in the world. The text of the Code was created on the basis of the proposals of the University community, the Student Authorities and Trade Union Committees, and was approved by the Conference of the staff of NTUU "KPI" in April 9, 2015

Grading system of National technical university of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

In accordance to Performance Appraisal Rating System Regulation in NTUU “KPI” 100 – point grading scale is confirmed.

Passing grades are А – Excellent, В, С – Good, D, Е – Satisfactory.

Compliance system of terminology for Diploma Supplement of the European standard

2014.12.22 Затверджено систему відповідності термінології для додатків до дипломів європейського зразка (DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT)

In collaboration with the Faculty of Linguistics and with the direct participation of faculties and institutes, the Department of perspective development of the NTUU "KPI" created a system of matching the terminology used when writing in Ukrainian and English training areas and specialties, profe

License Series АЕ № 527265

Ліцензія Серія АЕ № 527265

License №527265 (Series АЕ) of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for providing educational services by higher educational establishments associated with getting higher education in compliance with Bachelor, Specialist and Master Qualification standards (including foreigners) (specialization, qualification) as well as entrance licensed number stated in appendix. 

Information service of NTUU "KPI"

Orders and regulations of NTUU "KPI" are published on a dedicated website, accessible from the KPI internal network. Important announcements and materials of University.

Conceptual provisions development strategy of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute for 2012-2020

The development of Igor Sikorsky Institute in the nearest future should be based on a background built by the university over the past two decades. Our most important achievements during this time are the following:



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