Division of media communication

Address: 03056, Kiev - 56, Peremohy Avenue, 37, building number 1, room number 221.
Phone / Fax: 204-85-95, phone: 204-99-29.
e-mail: gazeta [at] kpi.ua
Head of the department - D.L.Stefanovich;
Editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Kyiskyi Polytechnic” – V.V. Yankovyi;
Leading editors - V.M. Ignatovich, N.Ye.Libert

The Department of Media Communications is a unit of the university that provides objective and unbiased public information about the activities of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, promotes its coverage in the mass media and informs the staff about the course of life at the university.

The department of media communications of Igor Sikorsky KPI includes the editorial board of the newspaper “Kyivskyi Polytechnic”, the sector of media relations.

The main task of the media communications department of the Igor Sikorsky KPI is the organization of prompt dissemination of objective and unbiased information about the activities of Igor Sikorsky KPI through the media; promoting the formation of objective notions about the university in society and its positive image.

Media Communications Division:

  •  promotes the official publication of the university through the media;
  •  prepares and organizes press conferences, briefings, and other events for representatives of mass media;
  • carries out the preparation of printed, audio and video materials on the activities of Igor Sikorsky KPI for their further placement in foreign and university mass media;
  • invites representatives of mass media to cover the events held in the Igor Sikorsky KPI, carries out their accreditation, promotes the creation of proper conditions for their work;
  • prepares announcements, press releases and other information documents on events held in the Igor Sikorsky KPI and carries out their distribution;
  • collaborates with university departments, which work is related to the production of informational materials for institutes, faculties and other structural units of the Igor Sikorsky KPI, their preservation and dissemination in the part of accumulation, storage and promotion of information materials that may be of interest to the general public;
  • provides information content and publication of the Igor Sikorsky KPI newspaper “Kyivskyi Polytechnic”, which serves not only the corporate edition, but also the tool of internal communications and feedback between the administration of the university, its employees, graduates and students;
  • provides prompt placement of information on the course of life at the university in the section “News” and preparation of materials for placement in the section “Ads and announcements” of the official website of the University;
  • miscellaneous.