Tourist club “Globus”

Address: Sports complex of NTUU “KPI” (Building № 24), Poliova street, 38/1 (Verkhniokliuchova street, 1/26),
room 402 or 204 (after entering turn left, then go upstairs to the 3d floor).

Tourist club “Globus” was founded in 1952. Since then thousands of people have had the opportunities to visit Caucasus, Pamir, Carpathians and Crimea, get unforgettable impressions and relax.

Achievements of the club members include: pioneering exploration, expeditions to the hard-to-reach areas, first places at the competitions. In 2000 the club resumed its work under the auspices of trade union committee of NTUU “KPI” students.

More information may be learned in work of O. Bobrykin “Tourism in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”.

Tourist club “Globus” invites beginners and advanced tourists and all those to whom the word “mountains” is associated not only with masses of rock, and word “hiking” is connected not only with heavy bags, to be a part of our tourist club. Neither age, nor educational establishment mattes, we are open to everyone!


  • holding the competitions in tourism techniques, orientation and persistence (also taking part in national and regional ones);
  • organizing and holding tourism hiking in different difficulty categories all over Ukraine, Caucasus and other regions of Europe and Asia;
  • teaching and training in sections of mountain hiking, tracking and in instructors’ school of Carpathian camp “Globus”;
  • holding meetings with interesting people.

You can contact the tourist club asking a question at the website forum or sending e-mail to info[at] You can find the list of the heads of sections and sing up on the website.

Our events take place at our Sports complex (Building of NTUU “KPI” № 24). Our address is Poliova street, 38/1 (Verkhniokliuchova street, 1/26), room 402 or 204 (after entering turn left, then go upstairs to the 3d floor). You can get there in following ways:

  • going from the metro station “Shuliavska” (going by trolleybus 3 stations to “Industrial’nyi mist”  or 4 stations to “Lyebedeva-Kumacha street”), then walk for 5 minutes;
  • going from the metro station “Politekhnichyi insytut”, then walking for 25 minutes across the territory of NTUU “KPI” (then crossing the line of express tramway at the “Poliova” station);
  • walking from the “Poliova” station of express tramway along the Poliova street for 5 minutes;
  • walking from railway station “Karavaievi dachi” to the trolleybus station “Lyebedeva-Kumacha street” and then going along Nyzhnioklyuchova street for 15 minutes.

Information is taken from the website of tourist club.