October 24, the fourth time a photo exhibition "Drying KPI " was held at the alley and the park in front of the main building NTUU”KPI”.

Anyone, who wanted to submit their photographs to the general public, could take part at the exhibition. Among the participants there were professionals and those who are trying to be, and ordinary lovers of photography. However, most of the participants were, of course, the students, in addition, not only the KPI, but also from other Kyiv universities. This year the exhibition format was extended - it was also attended by collectors, who presented a retro - cameras.

Each person had the opportunity to attach his(her) photographs on a rope using ordinary clothespins as well as to take away photos that he(she) has liked. The "Drying" was organized by the activists of the Student Council of NTUU "KPI" (coordinator Elena Galushka). The audience was presented to several thousands (!) photographs, which were reviewed and discussed, by university students, staff, park visitors and passers-by.

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