PROEP: Annex I. Academic rules for students 2. Students’ Duties

Student at the University undertakes to:

  • comply with the law, the Statute of Igor Sikorsky KPI, the Code of Honor of Igor Sikorsky KPI and the internal regulations of Igor Sikorsky KPI;
  • fulfill the requirements of safety, industrial hygiene, fire safety, provided by relevant rules and regulations;
  • fulfill the requirements of the educational program and curriculum;
  • attend  the  classes   and  control measures  according  to  the   curriculum  and schedule11;
  • inform a dean office on time in cases of impossibility to attend classes for a valid reasons, pass (repass) exams, credits, modular control works, etc12.;
  • take part in the self- service in classrooms and dormitories, to help to maintain proper order in the areas surrounding academic buildings, campus and other cultural and welfare objects that cater to university students;
  • carefully and neatly apply with property of University (premises, furniture, equipment, inventory, book fund, appliances, etc.); it is prohibited without the permission of responsible persons and take out things and different equipment from the laboratories, training and other areas;
  • comply with monitor’s request of academic group within his/her powers;
  • worthy bear the title of student, respect the human dignity, scientific and pedagogical staff and all members of the working group, to take care of the university authority, to prevent illegal and immoral acts, be disciplined and tidy;
  • comply with the requirements of collective agreement between the administration and trade union committee of students of Igor Sikorsky KPI;
  • everytime strive for moral, cultural and physical improvement.

For breach of duty and violation of internal regulations of Igor Sikorsky KPI the head of appropriate department (institute, faculty, department, etc.) may impose disciplinary foreclose on students or raise the issue of sending down from the University to the rector.

11  Students   who   have   missed   the   classes   for   a   valid   reason    which   require   compulsory   makeup    work (laboratory work, etc.) must carry out in a special set time for it in a certain department order.

12 In the absence at classes, exams, modul control works for valid reasons a student shall not later than the day inform the dean office and during three days after outing to submit supporting documents.