National Academy of Science of Ukraine Academician Valery Skorohod became the Honorary Doctor of NTUU”KPI”

November 3, at the meeting of the Academic Council NTUU”KPI” the well-known scientist, NAS of Ukraine academician, director of the Frantsevich Institute for Problem of Materials Science NASU, Valery Volodimirovich Skorohod was awarded the attributes of the Honorary Doctor of the University.

This honorary title was given to Valery Skorohod by the Academic Council decision from September 1, 2014 for his significant contribution to the developing of materials science, training of highly qualified scientific personnel and fruitful work as the Professor NTUU”KPI”.

“Valery Skorohod activities during all his life is closely linked with Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, -said, opening the Academic Council meeting, Rector NTUU”KPI” NAS of Ukraine academician Michael Zgurovsky. –In 1956 Valery Skorohod graduated the Department of metallurgy, heat processing and physics of metals KPI and got the qualification of the engineer – metallurgist. During 35 years he has been teaching at the Department of high-temperature materials and powder metallurgy, teaches students new theories and technologies, combining the educational process with scientific research. V.V.Skorohod is not only the outstanding scientist but he is also the great science organizer, educator of youth. He played an important role in the realizations of many initiatives of national importance in the activities of our university. This, above all, the organization of training specialists and highly educated scientific personnel in the branch of material science and in interdisciplinary directions together with eight departments KPI. Here, Valery Volodimirovich Skorohod together with the Institute of the Problems of Material Science founded two educational and scientific laboratories: the laboratory of diffusion in thin layers on the base of the Department Physics of Metals and the laboratory high-strength materials and metastable alloys on the base of the Department of Powder Metallurgy.”

After announcing the meeting of the Academic Council to be opened, Michael Zgurovsky and the Academic Secretary of the University Anatoly Melnichenko handed Valery Skorohod diploma, gown, bonnet and sign of the Honorary Doctor of NTUU”KPI”.
The outstanding Ukrainian scientist in the branch of the material physics and powder metallurgy, NAS of Ukraine academician (1990), Honored scientist of Ukraine, Deputy Chairman of the Council of State fund of fundamental research, Valery Volodimirovich Skorohod was born 1934 in Kyiv. In 1956 he graduated KPI and dedicated himself to the science activity in the physics of material. His scientific research was focused on the theoretical description of physical and rheological qualities of powder heterogeneous materials taking into account their real structures. They are based on the last achievements physics of metals and mechanics of deformation of the solid. His methods of development materials for innovative technology are based on the deep understanding of physical phenomena and their exact quantitative description.

On the base of experiments’ results Valery Skorohod built a phenomenological theory of porous material deformation; developed a clear idea of sintering as a rheological process associated with the mechanism of superplastic diffusion and viscous flow. In addition, he developed methods for calculating the physical and mechanical properties of isotropic and non-isotropic multiphase solids and more. Since 2002 Valery Skorohod headed the Frantsevich Institute for Problem of Materials Science NASU and he made perhaps the greatest contribution to the transformation of research institutions in the world center of modern materials.

In reply, after the awards ceremony NAS of Ukraine academician Valery V. Skorohod thanked the university for the honor, spoke about his work and the work of his institute, the problems faced by today Ukrainian science, above all - financial and associated with them personnel problems , as well as significance and role of the KPI in his life.