Jack Shwager's Lection (video)

In October, 2015 NTUU "KPI" was visited by a famous expert in financial market branch, trader, author of well-known bestsellers "The Market Wizards from Hedge Fund", "Stock Wizards», «The New Magician of Market".

Jack Schwager is the menaging director and chief of alternative company of management assets Fortune Group. Also he is a member of the board of directors Fortune Global Fund Analysis Corporation, which is specialised on dynamic reserches of hedge funds. The FundSeeder platform is one of his last projects. It specialised on searching up-and-comming traders.

As technical analysis expert and career coach Jack Sсhwager takes active part in holding of seminars, that devoted to fundamental and technical analysis. A lot of business-schools of Europe and America wants to see him as their professor. He professes for future magisters of business management and economics.

Jack Sсhwager got acquainted with activities of Scientific park "Kyiv Politechnic" and met with the administration of University, KPI principal, academitian NAS of Ukraine Mykhailo Zgyrovskiy told guest about history of university, its present day and innovation activity organisation.

Also Jack Sсhwager looked around the aero and space divisions of Igor Sikorsky majestic Politecnic museum NTUU "KPI", where the special attention was given to exponates that dedicated to first steps of humans in domesticating space.

The visit was summed up by lection "Market Wizards Lessons", which was given for students of NTUU KPI, candidates and listeners from Start-up school "Sikorskiy Challenge" by a guest. Jack Sсhwager narrated about market activity strategies, experience of quote forecasting, about unmarked and marked market risks and about another technical and fundamental analysis questions. His narration was illustrated with the help of time-bills and diagrams, which are describing todays situation on broackers board.

In the end Jack Sсhwager traditionally answered on audience questions.