PROEP: 4.4. Schedule

Schedule of Learning Sessions is one of the main documents regulating the organization of the educational process at the university. It consists of curricula based on the actual number of students in lecture courses and group trainings.

The schedule of classes according to the programs of the first (Bachelor) level of education is based on the organization of education in two changes. The syllabus of 1-2 courses of bachelor's degree training is made by the university's teaching department (for some institutes and departments - dean's offices). The following documents are submitted to the training department for drawing up the schedule:

- Excerpts from the curricula (Form D-2) - Dean's Office;
- Excerpts from the distribution of educational load (Form K-6) - Departments.

The schedule of classes of 3-4 courses of preparation of bachelors and the timetable for preparation of masters is prepared at dean's institutes / faculties and approved by the university's academic department.

Examination schedules are made up at dean's institutes / faculties with and approved by the university's academic department.

Schedules of classes and exams are placed on the websites of departments, institutes / faculties.
The schedules of classes of all modes of study are brought to the attention of scientific and pedagogical workers and students not later than 10 days before the beginning of each semester, and examinations - one month before their beginning. Loading of auditorium and laboratory funds is controlled by the training department.