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Ermakov Vasily Petrovich

Фото. Єрмаков Василь Петрович

Ermakov Vasily Petriovich  - a Doctor of pure mathematics, honorary Professor University of Kyiv (1890), Corresponding Member of Petersburg Academy of Science (1884). After graduation University of Kyiv in 1868 he was admitted as a scholarship to prepare for a professorship.

In 1870 he found the new symptom of convergence of numeric series. He studied in Berlin and Paris. After defending Master degree in Petersburg university (1873) worked in Kyiv University (associate professor, professor extraordinary, ordinary professor). Starting from 1899 he became the Professor of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

He was the talented teacher, his lectures were the examples of accessible presentation and innovation. He published several courses and textbooks on the disciplines:

  • Probability Theory (1879);
  • Nonlinear Partial differential equation (1884);
  • Differential equations of the first order in two variables (1886);
  • Method of Least Squares (1887);
  • Theory of vectors in the plane (1887);
  • Analytic Geometry (1899, 1900);
  • Analysis of infinitesimals (1907, 1908, 1919);
  • Analytic Geometry (1918, 1920).

His main scientific activities were: series theory, the theory of differential equations, calculus of variations, the theory of special functions. He authored the monograph “Theory of Abel functions”.

He made a big contribution in the development of mathematical education on Ukraine and in Russia. He was one of the organizers Kyiv physical and mathematical society (1899). In 1921 the Council of People's Commissars issued the decree of material support V.P.Ermakov as one of four the most outstanding science workers of the country.

Bibliography on the person:

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