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Contest on energy management

All- Ukrainian contest on energy management was held in NTUU “KPI” April 14 -17, 2014 on the basis of the institute of energy saving and energy management. The representatives of 11 well -known universities of Ukraine tool place in this contest.

The contest was divided to several streams “Electrical engineering and electro technology” and “Heat power engineering”. The contest’ tasks consisted of two theoretical questions and three tasks connected with the problems of electrical engineering, heat power engineering and energy management. Jury consisted of teachers – leaders of the teams. They defined sufficiently high level of students’ knowledge, their ability to solve tasks on energy savings in the field of electrical engineering and heat power engineering, heat input and electrical expenses.

    The winners of the contest in personal competition became: in stream “Electrical engineering and electrical technology”: 1 place – O. E. Andreev (NTUU “KPI”); the second place – J. V. Rybinska (NTUU “KPI”), K.M. Riznychenko (NEU “CPI”); the 3d place – O.O. Homenko (Vinnicha NTU),

J.V. Turkovskii (NU “Lvivska politechnika“), O.I. Suprun (Zaporizh NTU); in stream “Heat power engineering”: 1st place – K.V. Chernuha (NTUU “KPI”); 2d place – O.V. Starovoit (NTUU “KPI”); 3d place – B.K. Shydlocskii and D.V. Kyba (NUVGP, Rivne)..

In the team event NTUU “KPI” team won the 1st place, 2d place got – NUVGP (Rivne). Organizing committee of the contest showed the gratitude to the leadership and leading teachers of universities that prepared talented students’ youth that can solve difficult questions and in future would input the ideas of energy savings and energy management in life.

On the basis of the contest were held special competitions: from educational center MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC and “Electrical effectiveness of buildings”. National method of calculating the energy usage during heating, cooling, ventilation, lightning and “GVP”. Winners of the contest were marked with diplomas and gifts.  Winners of special competition from educational center MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC – O.S. Cherniakovych and D.V. Kuba (NUVGP, Rivne), K.V. Chernuha (NTUU “KPI”); “Energy effectiveness of buildings”: O.V. Starovoit (NTUU “KPI”) and K.V. Chernuha (NTUU “KPI”), O.S. Cherniakovuch (NUVGP, Rivne).

Special gratitude to contest sponsors: MITSUBISHI ELEСTRIC, WILO, BOSCH, DKC, E.NEXT, KNAUFINSULATION, German community of international partnership GIZ, center of resource effectiveness and pure production "UNIDO", that prepared wonderful presents for students and teachers. .

Contests’ participants also visited national polytechnic museum of NTUU “KPI”, exhibition of power effectiveness equipment and building energy effective passive type house, laboratory of energy effective equipment BOSCH, laboratory of the chair of power supply, heating engineering and energy savings.

Representatives of KNAUFINSULATION, BOSCH, MITSUBISHI ELEСTRIC, center of resource effectiveness and pure production "UNIDO" companies came out on the closing ceremony of the contest. Also the participants of the contest were greeted by words of the director of IEE, professor S. P. Denysuk energy supply pre-chair of NTUU “KPI” and professor V.I. Deshko pre-chair of heating engineering and energy savings.

Organizing committee of the contest expresses their thanks to co-workers of chairs EP and TE for participating and holding the contest: professor V.I. Deshko, assistant professor T.O. Rynkovii, postgraduate I.O.Suhodub, assistant professor O.V. Borychenko. The next year NTUU “KPI” is going to receive the participants of 10th all - Ukrainian contest of energy management.

Translator: Анна Столяр ЛА-11


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