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Vynoslavskiy Vasiliy Mykolayovich. On the 90th Anniversary of His Birth

Photo. Vynoslavskiy Vasiliy Mykolayovich

On January 14, 2010 we celebrated 90 years since the birth of Honored Worker of Higher School of the USSR, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine , Professor Vasiliy Mykolayovich Vynoslavskoho , who for many years was the Dean of the Faculty of Mining and Mining Electromechanics and Automation in the Polytechnic Institute of Kyiv ( 27 years) and the head of department ( 35 years).

Vasily Mykolayovich was born in 1920 on a lovely Ukrainian lands in the village of Luka Barska in the Barskogo district in the region of Vinnytsya . Here he spent his childhood. He loved the land , spoke enthusiastically about her colleagues , often visited his home and , invited his colleagues to his native village,showing lovingly places childhood.

At the age of 14, he began working in the convoy " Dorbud " in Kiev, and from 1935 to 1938 studied at secondary school № 73 Kyiv, after which he came to the Kiev Polytechnic Institute in electrical engineering faculty in the specialty " Electrical Networks and Systems ».

When Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union , V. M. Vynoslavskiy volunteered to go to the front. In 1941-1942, he was the student of the Faculty of Military Communications of the Red Army in Tashkent , after which he was appointed as the head of communications in 1368 , anti-aircraft artillery regiment of the 25th Division of the Central Front . In the summer of 1943, he was involved in heavy fighting during under Ponuryami, where he was severely wounded .

After recovering in 1944, Captain V. Vynoslavskiy was discharged due to injuries. He returns to his native Kyiv Polytechnic Instituteas the student and graduated with honors in 1946.

After finishing the institute , V.M. Vynoslavskiy works as an assistant of the department of electrical networks and high voltage engineering . In addition to educational work in this period (1946-1948 years), he performs great and responsible social work , working as secretary of the KPI’s Komsomol and a member of the party committee in KPI .

During the 1948-1952 he was a postgradauteof the department of electrical networks, after graduation in 1952 he defended his thesis by assigning degree in technical sciences.

Being a postgraduate, Vasiliy Mykolayovich with P.F. Rybchenko started working at the Department of Mining Electromechanics, which had a newly created Faculty of Mining . They were actively involved in the learning process, which performed a considerable work on the development of specific disciplines of electrical direction and creation of appropriate laboratories for the preparation of teaching courses for training professionals under the accelerated program ( 2.5 years ), which began at those times .

In 1953, V.M. Vynoslavskiy received the title of docent and was appointed as professor of mine electrician , and in 1954 became head of the department, and headed it until 1988. Over the years the department has changed its name three times : electrification and automation of mining operations , power mining enterprises , then and now - electricity .

The department is much more active scientific work which conducted intensive research on the regulation of voltage in electrical networks , the improvement of electrical shafts, design of special transformers with voltage regulation under load.

The department has a research group that conducts research in a Konotopsky plant " Krasny metalworker " plant " Ukrzahidvuhillya ", " Ukrburvuhillya " and others. During this period, the Department of the emerging school of electricity companies, became known later throughout the Soviet Union .

Since 1955 V.M .Vynoslavskiy acts as an assistant of a dean , and in 1958 was appointed as a dean of the Faculty of Mining and running it on the basis of structural changes by 1988 ( Mining , Automation and Instrumentation, Mining Electromechanics and Automation ).

Vasiliy has always been characterized by creative duties performed on the basis of the need that is urgent . So, for his initiative in 1959 with the number of students meeting mine electrician was begun the training for the profession "Automation and complex mechanization of the mining industry ," the release of which was held in June 1961. Much of the graduates of this issue later received academic degrees and titles. Managed by V.M. Vynoslavskoho new specialty for the first time in the country have developed curricula , programs, courses electromechanical , electrical training and automation. Authors of the department ( V.M. Vynoslavskiy , P.F. Rybchenko , N.G. Popovich, N.A. Polansky , G.I. Danilchuk ) prepared and published for the first time in country the manual " Automation of productions coal mines." In 1964, specialty "Automation and Integrated Mechanization Mining Industry ' renamed specialty on "Electrification and automation of mining operations "with a corresponding change in the name of the department .

As head of department , dean was given the shortcomings in training faculty, attracting a significant number of teachers of design , research organizations, Academy of Sciences, Vasiliy conducted significant work on preparing and rejuvenating the composition of the teaching staff qualifications , involvement in educational work.

At the Department of Mining Electromechanics back in the 50s came M.O. Polyansky , V.B. Podarevskiy , H.I. Danilchuk , V. Yasnopolskiy , M.G. Popovich, S.N.Karpov , V.L. Yazev , I.S. Ryabenko , M.G. Borysyuk later – V.D. Leporskogo , V.F. Skryl , A.V. Prakhovnik , V.M. Konontsov , V.J. Pashchuk , A.D. Golota , S.P. Shevchuk, Y. Shulga, V. Lisowski , E.L. Altukhov , N.V. Pechenyk , V. Prokopenko and others .

This trend continued throughout the duration of the work of Vasily Nikolaevich. He trained 34 PhD’s and reserved 5 doctoral theses

In 1972, it was approved in the academic rank of professor. For outstanding achievements in training in 1974 V.M.Vynoslavskiy professor receives honorary title "Honored Worker of Higher School of Ukraine ." Under his leadership, the department created a scientific school for electrical recognized both in Ukraine and abroad. The department investigated the problem of creating funds voltage regulation optimization of power supply, power supply systems of mining companies, switching devices designed the subsystem " Electricity " in CAM systems for large industrial unions of Belarus and the Urals. The department conducted research and collaborated with the production association " Ukrzahidvuhillya ", "Biloruskaliy ", " Uralazbest " Kiev Institute of Automation, UkrNDIproekt , Konotopsky factory " Krasny metalhead " and others .

Department maintained close links with other related departments of education in the USSR : Moscow , Sverdlovsk , Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute , Donetsk, Tbilisi Polytechnic , Krivoy Rog Iron Ore , Kommunarskiy Mining and Metallurgical Institute , and others.

Vasiliy Mykolayovich supported business and personal relationships with leading scientists of the universities. Between the department and the faculty of these schools was a form of cooperation that helped in the research , contributed to the improvement of the educational process, the harmonization of curricula and programs , exchange of experience , joint seminars, conferences and so on .

In 70 years on the initiative V.M.Vynoslavskoho successfully developing scientific and educational co- chairs of the faculty with foreign universities. Particularly successful in this regard, electricity department collaborated with the Wroclaw University , Leipzig higher technical school , high school Vismarskoyho : the joint research , conferences , exchange of experience in the educational process , lectures, practice the exchange of students, joint research results are published , developed and protected by Ph.D. dissertation , are prepared and issued in Russian and German three textbooks with relevant approved by Ministry of Education .

Recognition of faculty department in preparing professionals was the fact that for many years professor V.M.Vynoslavskiy led mining section of Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, was a member of the presidium of the Educational and Methodological Council on Mining Education of the USSR . Heading mining section Vasiliy paid much attention to improve the learning process in the preparation of specialists for mining industry , harmonization and improvement of curricula and programs of courses that are taught in the universities of Ukraine. He regularly practicing open exit sessions mining universities in Ukraine , where the exchange of experience in training, discuss the problem of mining education, examines the state of education and financial support of the educational process in certain universities, there are meetings of the section with the teaching staff of the host institution .

Special merits V.M. Vynoslavskoho is an organization working to create a new material base of faculty. During the 1963-1966, when the Department of the Faculty of Mining were transferred to the Department of Automation and Instrumentation , lost a significant part of the staff of the departments and laboratory facilities, there was an acute shortage of space . Thanks to the efforts of the departments, with personal initiative V.M.Vynoslavskoho found support for the Rector and the Academic Council of the KPI in the restoration of the faculty as the faculty of Mining Electromechanics and Automation. Council of Ministers of Ukraine have decided to finance the construction of the shell of the faculty and hostel for students mostly by the Ministry of Coal and Minprombudmaterialiv .

Managed by the dean of the Faculty of V.M. Vynoslavskoho done a lot of work on organizational design, construction and obtaining investment for construction. In 1974, construction of school building faculty and hostel was completed. In case there are equipped with new furniture and a large number of rooms, classrooms, departments, laboratories, and other support units . Enhanced communications, departments of companies helped to obtain new mining equipment, electrical equipment necessary for measuring and computing .

Faculty’s hull is 22 (now the Institute for Energy Saving and Energy Management ) is the real attraction of the whole team of faculty time and personally Dean Professor V.M.Vynoslavskomu , a memorial plaque which meets us at the entrance to the building

Working as Head of Department and Dean of the Faculty , Professor V.M.Vynoslavskiy was a chairman of the board of thesis defense , the chairman of the mining section of the House Republican economic , scientific and technical propaganda, member of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Institute " Avtomatvuhlerudprom ».

The last years of his life ( 1988 to 1992) Vasiliy Mykolayovich worked as a professor of the Faculty of electrical power and automation. Participants and invalids of the Great Patriotic War , Professor V.M.Vynoslavsiy for fighting and human achievement awarded the Medal of Honor, the October Revolution, World War II first degree, with 11 medals. V.M. Vynoslavskiy taught courses: " Electricity Tax". He has published 126 scientific publications. In 2005, his textbook " Processes in systems of electricity" received the title of laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology ( Authors: V. Vynoslavskiy , G.G. Pyvnyak , L.I. Nesen , A.J. Rybalko , V. Prokopenko ).

In conclusion, it should be noted that the success of the department staff and faculty, which was headed by Professor V. Vynoslavskiy were caused not only by his professionalism, and his human qualities, the creation a team of creative, working , warm and friendly relationship. It was characterized humanity , fairness , openness , sincerity , high internal culture , sensitivity, compassion for people who work together , taking care of them. He was a wise man , he could hear the people were attentive to the opinion of others , for it was marked by a sense of reality. Also, it was characterized as the demands of the faculty members and the students , but he did not like to read notation, upbraid trifles , he appealed to the conscience, fear of offending , monitor every word . He was loved by his students to treat them with love , they called him " Father Vasya". Despite the fact that he was hard as a disabled person , he was an optimist , never complained about his health, was an example for employees. He lived by the principle: live, dream , love, be optimistic, do good to people . It took 17 years, as Vasiliy is no longer with us , but on all celebrations in IEE he is always remembered fondly .

I.S.Ryabenko ,associate professor IEE


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