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Temporary regulations on the organization of educational process in NTUU "KPI": 7.8 Final certification of students

Final certification carried out by the Examination Commission (EC) according to Regulation on the Examination Commission. Lead time of the final certification is defined by the curriculum.

Requirements for the organization and conducting of final certification defined in the Regulation on the certification of students NTUU "KPI".

Final certifications of higher education for applicants held in the form of examination (-s) and/or defense of diploma project (DP), graduation thesis (GT), master’s thesis (MT). The form of the final certification holding of higher education applicants determined by the appropriate standard of higher education and the curriculum.

Final exams can be conducted either by individual academic specialties professional orientation, or as one comprehensive final exam of several subjects of the curriculum. The list and the number of subjects to be submitted to the final certification for applicants of higher education determined the appropriate standard of higher education and the curriculum. In case of providing for both forms of final certification, certification of prior defense exam (-s).

Requirements for the content of DP (GT, MT), final exams and examination cards program develops graduate chair with the requirements of the relevant standard of higher education and recommendation outlined in the Regulation on the final certification of students NTUU “KPI” (2015).

To the final certification allowed students, who have successfully completed all requirements of the relevant DHE (no academic failure). The negative review or comment of Academic Advisor isn’t a cause for non-admission the student certification defence.

Certification defence and passing final exams is evaluated according to the criteria of evaluation on a 100-point scale with the following transfer points to the rating on the national scale and ECTS scale (Table 1).

 The decision of the EC  on the results of certification defence (passing final exam orally), as well as the granting of diplomas to students (Honours Degree with Distinction) Head of Examining Commission announces in the defence day (passing exam). The results of the written final exam Head of EC announces after checking work, but not later than the next day.

The conditions under which the EC may decide to grant Honours Degree with Distinction are:

  • percentage of final evaluations "excellent" (national scale evaluation) of all subjects,  course projects (works) and practices including curriculum provides differentiated assessment is at least 75%;
  • in other specialties, course projects (works) and practices including work curriculum provides differentiated evaluation, the student received final grades "good" (national evaluation scale);
  • student defenced diploma project (GT, MT), passed final examination on “excellent”;
  • student has high achievements in scientific and creative (for creative majors) work;
  • recommendation  of graduate chair on granting Honours Degree with Distinction;

Getting unsatisfactory mark on one of the final examinations did not deprive him of the right to continue to take the following steps of final certification.

A student who didn’t defence certification work or didn’t pass final examination or was absent with no reason is expelled from the University as having failed final certification.

Students who didn’t defence certification work ( didn’t pass final examination) with a valid, documented reason may be extended learning period by rector to the next term of examination committion, but no more than one year.

If the defence of certificationwork is unsatisfactory the EC determines whether the student may represent the same defence of the certification work with the appropriate correcting, defining the Examination Commission, or should prepare a new theme offered by graduate chair.

A second defence and re-passing of final exams is permitted only while next final certification within three years after graduation. The list of final examination for individuals, who re-passing it, determined curriculum in effect in the year of their university graduation.

Report of the Head of EC in specialty is discussed at the meeting of graduating chair and the Academic Council of institution/faculty.

General results of Examination Commission work of the University specialty are discussed at the meeting of the Academic Council of the University. 

Temporary regulations on the organizations of educational process in NTUU “KPI” [Text] / Compl.:Holovenkin V.P.(chapter 1-8, 10, 12), Melnychenko S.V.(chapter 9,11); under gen.edit. Yakimenko Y.I. – K.: NTUU “KPI”, 2015. – 102 с


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