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Cooperation with National Academy of Sciences is the key to the quality preparation of metallophysicists!

2013.06.10 Методичний семінар "Практичне навчання металофі­зиків з фізичних методів досліджень"

On the 10th of June, 2013 the methodical seminar named "Practical Training of physical research technique: condition, problems and prospects for metallophysicists” took place at the Chair of Metal Physics of Engineering and Physics Faculty. The seminar was attended by the Deputy Chief of educational and methodical branch of Scientific Study Department T.M. Zhelyaskova, the Vice Dean of Engineering and Physics Faculty of educational and methodical work Professor L.M. Siroporshnyev, Deputy Director of Institute of Metal Physics. V.G. Kurdyumov, Professor of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine V.M. Nadutov, the Head of Metal Physics Department S.I. Sidorenko, and magistrates of the Professorial Chair who study in the course of “Modern methods of physical materials” discipline at the premises of Metal physics Institute, postgraduates and lecturers.

The Seminar started with discussing the urgent assignments as for improvement the teaching process of physical methods of materials research, innovative learning technologies and increasing knowledge quality and students of Metal Physics Faculty qualifications.

They also have considered the problem of managerial strengthening cooperation of the lecturers from the department of physics of metals, Branch Chair at the Institute of Metal Physics with the lecturers of related Bachelor programmes of “Engineering Materials” as well as with teachers from other university departments - with partners of Metal Physics Department who provide training on physical methods of Metal Research. And as it has emerged that there are a lot of such partners- the study of physical methods is provided in the course of 17 disciplines according to Bachelor and 9 according to Master academic programmes by lecturers of the 7 Professorial chairs of University.

Speaking about the development of objective Masters’ training Department for NAS of Ukraine, there is an important task to form an integrated curriculum of Masters’ and PhD training programs in conjunction with the basic institutions of NAS of Ukraine at the level of departments.

And a study of modern physical research technique as for using unique scientific equipment, research in the field of nanophase material science and educational and laboratory courses in these integrated plans should play a substantial part!

The highlight of the seminar was the presentation of laboratory research by graduate students which were performed under the guidance of Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Alexander Filatov at Institute of Metal Physics.

Practical courses in this University is a unique opportunity for students to acquire skills to carry out experiments using idiosyncratic equipment for physical research methods of materials properties, process the findings and analyze them. And that’s what the students have shown!

In particular, in this academic year for students of Metal Physics Department according to the discipline of "Modern experimental technique of material physics" Institute of Metal Physics of NAS of Ukraine conducted classes of kinetic indentation methods, high-temperature differential thermal analysis, photoelectron spectroscopy, nuclear gamma resonance and magnetic resonance triple-crystal diffractometry, ion -plasma deposition, surface exploration and so on.

All of this is a part of advanced horizons of modern material physics.

"Cooperation between the Institute and the Department of Metal Physics is considered to be traditionally strong since the time when in 1952 academician and Headmaster of KPI V.N. Gridnev opened specialty" Physics of Metals "- and at the present stage this cooperation was intensified about 10 years ago.

The role of such cooperation can not be overemphasized, because laboratory courses at the Institute of Metal Physics is a practical part of students’ research master's thesis as the initial phase of the preparation of Master's dissertation, "- remarked the deputy Chief of IMP in National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine G.V. Kurdyumov, Professor of Department of Metal Physics, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Vladimir Nadutov. Ex-students and current postgraduates of Metal Physics Department Andrew Burmaka, Igor Vladimir, Anna Olyeshkevych etc. come along with his words. They think that carrying out laboratory courses with a help of modern unique equipment at the Institute of Metal Physics of NASU is a school for the formation of the future investigator and physician of materials sciences.

lily Skiba


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