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Linguistics Faculty hosts Shevchenko's readings

2018.11.01 Linguistics Faculty hosts Shevchenko's readings

It has become a tradition to host the “Shevchenko's readings” competition on the Ukrainian Writing Day eve in the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Professors of the Ukrainian Language, Literature and Culture Department N. V. Tylnyak and L. M. Sydorenko have organized a literature competition - it was a recitation of poetries written by outstanding Kobzar. Freshman students competed for the title of the best in an honest «literature battle». Jurors (who were students that didn’t participate in the competition) appraised participants’ performances on the following criteria: declamation skills, language and stage culture, establishment of contacts with the audience, non-verbal means of the speaker. Students had recited “Testament” ((“Zapovit”), which was translated into different languages), “Yaroslavna’s cry”, “Why am I suffering?”, “Chigrin, Chigrin”, “Caucasus”, “To living, dead and as yet unborn...”, “Cold ravine”, “Davidovi psalmy”, “Topolya”, “Lilia”,“Naimychka”, etc.

The best reciters were recognized:
The 1st place - Vadim Golub (FPM);
The 2nd place - Julia Komaryn (IPSA);
The 3rd place - Vladislav Ordeha (FSP).

The Audience Choice Award was received by Milena Vasil’eva (FPM). The winners of the competition were awarded with incentive prizes. In general, the event was meaningful and interesting.

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