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Kyiv November 2018

2018.11.17 Київський Листопад - 2018

Kyiv November competitions are the unique adventure racings with the elements of search-and-rescue activities, which were organized by the “Globus” tour club and occurred for the ninth consecutive year. Everybody can take part in these competitions. There are the experienced tourists and alpinists and the amateurs with no experience among the participants

There were 2 classes of the competitions – sprint and techno-sprint. Sprint is the adventure race with a set of interesting stages, navigation and quest tasks. Techno-sprint is the adventure race with a set of interesting stages, navigation and quest tasks + technical barriers which demand a minimal knowledge of a rope technique.

About two hundred brave men (almost hundred teams) decided to try their hands. They exercised in navigation, performed complex technical tasks, searched and saved the victims and got them first aid, set fires, searched the control points, in a word, demonstrated the skills necessary in scouting expeditions or trips.

One of the trick questions was to jump over the body of water, holding the rope, and remain dry. “The secret” was not to have the strong hands, but to know how to group the lower part of the body. The sportsmen have been competing for 12 hours, navigating on almost 2000 acres of area.

The non-standard tasks and adverse weather conditions didn’t stop the brave men, who got some inspiration and a lot of pep in their steps, and winners – also awards.


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