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Hail, protectors of Ukraine

2018.10.14 Hail, protectors of Ukraine

On October 14, the state celebrates the Day of Protector of Ukraine.

This holiday was initiated with the aim of honoring courage and heroism, expanding the combat feat of defenders of Ukraine's independence and territorial integrity, preserving and developing national military traditions and valour of the Ukrainian people, promoting further strengthening of patriotism of every Ukrainian, linking the traditions of the past and the realities of the present.

We bow our heads to the pains of the heroes who gave their lives in the struggle for the peaceful future of Ukraine. In memoriam of the soldiers who fell in the battles for a free, independent Ukraine.

Eternal glory to the heroes-polytechnicians who by their sacrifice have given us the opportunity to study, create, work: Sergiy Bondarev, Pavlo Mazurenko, Yuriy Popravka, Maxym Shapoval, Igor Pavlov, Olexandr Petrishchuk, Volodymyr Kochetkov-Sukach, Igor Shevchenko, Vladyslav Dusov, Andriy Yeremenko, Yuriy Artyukh, Vadym Zherebylo, Olexandr Kondratyuk, Myhailo Fedorenko.

Eternal memory and glory to the Heroes!

Low bow to the families of the dead Heroes.

For the defense of the Motherland in the lobby of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from March 2014 31 colleagues were mobilized, more than three hundred graduates of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute have gone as volunteers to the front during the past years. At the university there are 35 students, participating in ATO.

The University provides comprehensive assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Teachers, staff, students take part in numerous programs for developing the latest models of weapons and military equipment, and the means of protecting soldiers on the battlefield.

The Day of the Protector of Ukraine is a national holiday of the unconquered, conscious citizens who support the fate of our country, the day of all those who are not indifferent, who through their professional, teaching, scientific activity, diligent work and study, volunteer work provide protection to Ukraine, economic, humanitarian, informational.

Dear Polytechnic!

Let patriotism, the strength of spirit and indestructible faith in the happy future of our native land add to us all new forces and inspiration for the fulfillment of future aspirations and work accomplishments. Peace, goodness and prosperity in our country!

Glory to our protectors!

Glory to Ukraine!

Regards and thanks,

M.Z. Zgurovskyi, The Rector of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute


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