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The museum was presented with a portrait of the astronaut

2018.06.08 The museum was presented with a portrait of the  astronaut

The solemn ceremony of transferring color photoportrait of the first cosmonaut of Mongolia, Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Mongolia, J. Gurragchi to the Department of History of Aviation and Astronautics of the State Polytechnic Museum took place on June 8, 2018. The gift was handed over by the head of the Union of Ukrainian-Mongolian friendship "Mongol-club" Ye.H.Horbatenko. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Consulate of Mongolia in Ukraine B.Dawasauren, B.Sanchyr, Mongolian students of the fourth and preparatory courses, veterans of the Baikonur Cosmodrome - participants of the launch of the Soviet-Mongolian crew.

J.Gurragach was born on December 5, 1947. In 1972 he finished Junior Aircraft Specialist School in the Soviet Union, in 1977 he graduated from the Military Air Engineering Academy named after them. M.Ye. Zhukovsky In 1978 he was enrolled in the squadron of astronauts. Space flight was carried out by him as a cosmonaut-test-taker at the Soyuz-39 research complex - Salyut-6 - Soyuz T-4 with a commander V.O. Dzhanibekov from March 22 to March 30, 1981. He participated in conducting researches of outer space, photographing the territory of Mongolia, glaciers, researches on meteorology, geology, agriculture, and medical-biological survey of astronauts.

After returning to his homeland, he worked in the administrative department of the Central Committee of the MNRP as a head of the national space program, a deputy commander – a Chief of Staff of the Air Defense Forces, a minister of defense of Mongolia. He was a member of the Great State Hural, a president of the Union of Mongolian Friendship Unions, a Major General. He was awarded with the orders of Lenin, Sukhe-Bator, Friendship, Honor and many medals.

The ceremony was opened by the head of the Department of History of Aviation and Space of the State Polytechnic Museum O.S. Boltenko, who participated in the preparation for the launch of this crew. He informed that Igor Sikorsky KPI closely cooperates with the Mongolian People's Republic in the training of students. In 1975, KPI was graduated from by the backup cosmonaut of Mongolian cosmonaut M.Gansorig, nowadays professor, director of the Institute of Computer Science and Remote Sensing of the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia. Today, six Mongolian students study at our university's preparatory courses.

B. Sanchyr proudly spoke about his country, whose national hero is the cosmonaut J.Gurragach. A student of the 4th year of our University Purvekhu thanked the authority of Igor Sikorsky KPI for the opportunity to study here and for the memory of the famous Mongol. The attendees reviewed the video of the preparations for the flight, the training of astronauts, the visit to Baikonur by a government delegation headed by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Mongolia J. Batmunkh, the return of the astronauts to Earth. Ye.H.Horbatenko spoke about friendly Ukrainian-Mongolian relations, treatment of Ukrainian children in Mongolia, meetings with astronaut J.Gurragach, who presented him with his colorful portrait with a gift signature. This portrait was sent to the museum.


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