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Coliseum – an oasis among concrete jungle

2018.06.08 Opening the KPI Coliseum after repair

In the courtyard of the 9th Building the site that was created in Soviet times for student creativity was idle for many years. Today, thanks to the efforts of youth activists and sponsors who implemented the “KPI Coliseum Social Platform” project, it has grown into an open student space, with an exquisite combination of urbanism and naturalism, and the tall walls of the wild grape give you a feeling that you've fallen into the oasis among the desert

The unique architecture of the site inspires the implementation of various initiatives in the Coliseum. Main directions: musical (concerts, festivals, rehearsals of young bands); educational (lectures, disputes, workshops, hackathons); literary theater (theater, poetry reading, book presentations); art (exposition, movie shows, etc.). When the idea unites around yourself non-indifferent people who work without regretting their strength and time without any material rewards, then the real team is tightening up.

For its rather short life span, it experienced a lot of difficulties: total remission, attempts to resuscitate and, probably, several clinical deaths. But in 2015, thanks to the titanic efforts of the team of the Coliseum and the incredible support of university students, an Idea-X grant was received. Cinema shows, stand-up-shows, theaters of improvisations, lectures, workshops, concerts (the most popular gathered almost a thousand visitors) – you can choose for any taste. However, the team of the Coliseum has always sought more, it inspired and added strength to work further.

And here comes a turning point – our project won the electoral vote and received funding from the Public Budget of the city. And it's not just money: the victory of this level is a recognition, a status that indicates the promise of the project and shows what the team is capable of. It was this confidence that later, after several years of negotiations, allowed to receive financing from the university, set up a fence, resolve legal and bureaucratic problems, and finally realize its dream.
In 2018, the Coliseum returns with an upgraded and repaired, with new equipment and an expanded team, and begins the season with the musical evening, which has become traditional. The opening on June 8, 2018 takes place on all canons: with the cutting of ribbons, receptions, speeches by honorary states, among them the vice-rector of the university on scientific and pedagogical work Petro Kyrychok, deputy chairman of the Solomyanskyi Regional District Administration Olena Gorbinchenko, the inspirator for the Public Budget project Serhiy Loboyko.

Now listeners come to “discover the Coliseum”. The sound of guitars, keys, drums and velvet voices from the amplifiers creates an atmosphere of relaxation. Comfort favors and stylish benches are added to the comfort. The space will flourish with new paintings, when the dusk descends – the light changes in time for music. Only with the help of our sponsors and partners is it possible to implement this project, the main idea of which is the free of charge of conducting and attending events.

The coliseum accumulates the energy of two opposites: professional equipment and unprofessional performers – ordinary students who perform the usual songs in the chamber semi-home atmosphere for several hundred listeners. This is a real magic that is hardly possible anywhere else except the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Nataliya Solonska, Andriy Clekov


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