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Cooperation with "HUAWEI" Company

Стипендіати компанії HUAWEI

"HUAWEI" Company has awarded 13 scholarships to the best students of the Igor Sikorsky KPI, who are studying in specialties related to telecommunications, communications and electronics. Scholarships are awarded in accordance with the partnership agreement between the Company and the University of December 9, 2016. The decision about who exactly will get it will be decided by the company's scholarship committee. Thus, from 01.09.2017 to 31.12.2017, "HUAWEI" scholarships are received by Natalia Gvozdetska (ITS), Volodymyr Prokopets (ITS), Anastasia Gerus (FRE), Volodymyr Dumansky (FRE), Diana Losinets (FHPE), Tetyana Rosum (FHPE), Yuriy Iotov (FE), Daria Lyashko (FE), Tetyana Pleshka (FE), Anton Salenko (FAM), Pavlo Sergienko (FAM), Victoria Medvedenko (FTI), Elizaveta Tereshchenko (FTI). Note that the size of the payments is differentiated: one student received the maximum amount of scholarship - 2322 UAH, six - for 1449 UAH and another six - for 837 UAH.

By the way, this autumn, "HUAWEI" also organized a trip to the People's Republic of China for the top ten Ukrainian technical students. It took place under the "Seeds of the Future" program, which is being implemented from 2016. Its purpose is not just exciting: the students visited China to get acquainted with the latest telecommunication technologies, and, of course, they also had an acquaintance with the country: also the participants saw the Great Chinese Wall and the Forbidden City. Candidates for the trip, the company selected from among the students of 38 Ukrainian universities. Among them included students of the Igor Sikorsky KPI - Natalia Gvozdetska (who, as noted above, received a scholarship from the company) and Dmitry Nikolaychuk.

Olga Dranyk, Head of the Scholarship Department DEW
(Переклад Цвик Н.П. ЛА-42)


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