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Budget outturn in 2017

University budget for 2017 in the amount of 1332.0 million USD was executed at 103.5%, whereby revenue plan of the general fund is realized to 100%, and plan for special fund revenue – to 116.5%. Compared to 2016, the budget increased to UAH 311.5 million, or by 29.2%.

Positive changes touched the sphere of social payments to university employees:

Staff salaries were calculated basing on salary category approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Decree of the President of Ukraine dated 30.08.2004, № 1023/2004. The minimum salary has been doubled since January 1, 2017, amounting to 3200 UAH. To pay the minimum salary an additional payment has been paid to its level for the amount of 11.8 million UAH. From January 1, 2017, the size of official salaries changed. The size of the 1st salary category increased by 19.8%. As a result of these changes the salary calculation increased by 206.7 million UAH, or by 36.7%, comparing with 2016.

During 2017 salaries were paid on a regular basis, without delays and in full compliance with the Law of Ukraine “On Labor Remuneration” and the provisions of the Collective Agreement.

In accordance with the current legislation, the Regulations on the payment of salaries, the Regulations on bonuses and the Collective agreement, in addition to salaries, compulsory supplements and supplements of a stimulating nature, the follwing were paid to the university employees:

  • monthly and quarterly premiums and premiums for anniversary dates - 13 700.0 ths. UAH;
  • annual cash aid to the pedagogical workers - for the amount of 1 768,2 thousand UAH;
  • material support for applications - 377.1 thousand UAH;
  • assistance to employees for health improvement - 33 567,7 thousand UAH;
  • salary saved by workers, taking part in exchange programs - 286,3 thousand UAH;
  • salary surcharges for lecturers-researchers - 985,4 thousand UAH;
  • prizes for the winners according to the results of monitoring the quality of education - 115.4 thousand UAH.

 The average monthly salary for 2017 is UAH 7883.4, or 36.2% more than the corresponding rate for 2016.

In addition, according to the Collective Agreement and the Law of Ukraine “On Trade Unions, Their Rights and Guarantees of Activity” the administration allocated 450.0 thousand UAH for cultural-mass, sporting and recreational work among the university employees on the basis of applications by the trade union during the year.

 All types of social benefits for students, postgraduate students and doctoral students were carried out in accordance with the current legislation within the limits approved by the evaluation of allocations.

In 2017, an academic scholarship was awarded to an average of 7501 scholarship students, or 45% of the contingent of scholarship students (daytime) form of education. The social scholarship was awarded to 734 students. Thus, in 2017, the scholarship was awarded to 8238 students, or 49.7%.

The academic scholarship in 2017 was awarded to 375 postgraduate students and 33 doctoral students.

In addition, at the expense of other sources and funds, scholarships were additionally paid for the amount of 1 193.4 thousand UAH.

As a result of the permanent work of the University's departments aiming at ensuring the efficient use of energy resources, utility costs decreased by 4%.

The cost of purchased and received equipment of long-term use is 46114,0 thousand UAH. Repair and restoration works at the objects of the University were executed for the amount of 19411.4 ths. UAH.

The budget of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 2017 was recognized as executed by the Academic Council of the University by its decision dated March 12. 2017.

L.G. Subotina, the head of EFD


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