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The meeting concerning foreign economic affairs

2017.02.16 Нарада з питань зовнішньоекономічної діяльності

On February 16 a meeting of deputy directors of institutes,deans of faculties of international business and representatives of the departments was held which are responsible for this line of work in their departments.

Vice-Rector for International Relations Member of the NAS of Ukraine Serhiy Sydorenko informed about the results of the international activities of the university in 2016 and is particularly focused on the new urgent task for the current year. "We need look through international activity not as a separate activity relating to the functions of the main components of the university, ie the educational, methodical, scientific research, technology, innovation work, etc., as an integral part of each of them. This means that we strengthen the international component of all areas of teaching and research units, "- he stressed.

Before the meeting participants was also vice rector for international affairs, head of international projects of National Contact Point KPI named after Igor Sikorsky in "Information and Communication Technologies" Sergey Shukayev. He described some of the features work in international projects and the typical mistakes that they quite often assumed performers in the organization of cooperation with foreign counterparts. He, moreover, said that the program of the Polish-Ukrainian days that have to pass the university on April 6-7, planned roundtable strategic areas of scientific cooperation and the formation of consortia of scientists Poland and Ukraine for participation in the EU "HORIZON 2020 ", which should help attract additional researchers KPI named after Igor Sikorsky to participate in European research projects.

Ways and opportunities to expand economic cooperation with foreign partners was devoted to the performance of foreign trade activities Head of International Cooperation Department Andrew Shysholin. In particular, he presented the audience prepared another department newsletter on external economic affairs, which identified six promising for fostering international economic cooperation directions, tell-branches of knowledge, training specialties and research institutes and faculties KPI them. Igor Sikorsky. These are computer science as IT, electrical engineering and electronics; machinery and equipment; energy, renewable; Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology; chemical technologies; printing, economics, management and law. Andrew Shisholin also drew attention to the fact that the ballot lists of 200 companies in the Forbes, which could be potential partners relevant departments of the university. Evidence that such a partnership is quite possible as the experience of cooperation of Mechanical Engineering Institute of the world-famous corporation "Boeing" and the company "Prohresteh."

More detailed material about the international activities of the KPI named after Igor Sikorsky will be placed in one of the rooms closer newspapers.


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