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Valuable gift from company KraftPowercon

випрямляч Flex Kraft

A world leading power supply manufacturer KraftPowercon is a global company with production facilities in Sweden . This company was made a donation of the department of the technology electrochemical production ( TEHV) HTF the rectifiers Flex Kraft.

The rectifiers Flex Kraft is a modular system with the highest flexibility and quality. They are designed to give the best electrical performance while withstanding the harshest industrial conditions. They  offer innovative solutions, products and services within industrial power supply that make your processes secure, more reliable, as efficient as possible and improves your availability.

A gift from the company KraftPowercon allowed to meet an urgent need of the Department TEHP in stabilized power supplies with high output currents.This equipment is used in the learning process (laboratory practice) and research work by electroforming, electroplating, hydrometallurgy.

The staff of the Department expresses its deep thankfulness to the Swedish firm KraftPowercon for the donation of the rectifier Flex Kraft and looks forward to cooperation in the future.



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