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Sir Richard Branson at the presentation of the project “Polyteco Science City”

2015.04.30 Sir Richard Branson at the presentation of the project “Polyteco Science City”

The 30th of April in NTUU “KPI” took place a public presentation of innovational city “Polyteco Science City”, in which the world-famous businessman sir Richard Branson  took part.

The presentation was near the monument to ex-student of KPI, outstanding inventor of the XX century, well-known aircraft designer − Igor Sikorsky.

Except the project “Polyteco Science City” the organizers acquainted students and quests of the university with Eco-system “Sikorsky Challenge”.

Sir Richard Branson’s visit to KPI was organized by investment fund “Kalinin Invention Fund” of the company “ILandMgt”.

Sometimes sir Richard Branson is called “guru of nowadays business”, but this title is difficult to combine with the character and lifestyle of this unusual person. Actually he is a founder and owner of the greatest transatlantic conglomerate of “Virgin Groop” companies, which isn’t stopping in its development during more than 45 years and consists of dozens corporations of variable spheres. Certainly, sir Richard Branson is a billionaire and also has a title of knight, but by the way he communicates with others, despite their status and title, it’s impossible to say. Moreover, to most people he is famous not as a successful businessman, but as an “extravagant rich man”, who, from time to time, tries to break the world records in different spheres of people’s achievements. Sometimes he gains it: he is the owner The Blue Stripe for the fastest crossing of The Atlantic Ocean on his own ship ‘Virgin Atlantic Challenger II”, author of the world record speed of crossing the Pacific Ocean by the Air-balloon from Japan to the arctic part of Canada etc. It seems, that whatever he does he succeeds. In fact, it is not so, or, to be more exact, not always. As the first rule he tells those who want to know about his way to the top of business is “If you are a businessman and has never made mistakes then you’re not a businessman”. He makes mistakes too, but never makes a tragedy of them, because his second rule is “do not take up what you do not like”. It is a guarantee that he tries again and again and gets what he wants. Also he doesn’t accept conservative and it helps him to go through all the difficulties on the way to his aim.

Certainly, this experience is more than valuable for those who dream about success. Though (he admits it in his books) it is not necessarily his strategy works for everyone. Everybody is different and each business develops in its own way but, without any doubts, some of his advices and rules should be taken into consideration by everyone. The most important is that in the base of any profession should be love to it, respectability to those who surround you and realism.

The history of Richard Branson’s success is the great illustration for participants, that there is nothing impossible, even if it is the bravest beginning: if there is a huge desire, hard work and ability to make unusual decisions. That is why his brief speech was taken with a real enthusiasm. Besides, even his first appearance among students could raise noting but sincere and warm feelings: on leaving the car in the Ukrainian embroidery the famous businessman, kindly smiling, shook hands of everyone who was greeting him at the alley in front of the main campus of KPI.

After sir Richard Branson’s speech enormous amount of questions was asked. Participants wanted to know his point of view about Kiev polyteco projects, his vision of future, his thoughts about MLM – business (by the way, at first he didn’t understand what was that about, as the companies that “Virgin Groop” includes have nothing in common with it). And one of the students read his own poem dedicated to him.

The program of events included organization of tickets lottery for Richard Branson’s presentation at business-forum “Forum One Ukraine”, so 10 of participants who were lucky to win, got an opportunity to listen to more detailed presentation of one of the most famous businessmen of the world.

The communication on the KPI Square of innovations wasn’t very long-lasting because of extremely tight Richard Branson’s schedule during his staying in Kyiv: he left the KPI students when there was less than half an hour left till the forum in Palace “Ukraina”.

Before his leaving organizers handled him already traditional souvenir of Startups competition “Sikorsky Challenge”− a hood similar to that the great aircraft designer was never leaving and which, according to stories, was bringing him luck. Also, due to tradition, sir Richard Branson rubbed bronze hood on the Sikorsky’s monument – also for success and good luck. And, certainly, director general of Science park “Kyiv polyteco” Yaroslav Kologryvov invited Richard Branson to take part in the final of this year Competition of innovation projects, which will be in October.

What you to remind, on the territory of National Technical University “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” is being planned to construct sci-production complex “Polyteco Science Сity”. The square of innovation city will be composed from some hectares. It is considered that in the buildings of “Polyteco Science Сity” will be business-incubator, prototype labs, high-tech productions, lecture-halls, co-working-center, hotel and dining options. The foundation of technical park will be used for researching and constructing aims, students’ study.

Moreover, within co-working is being planned the creation of the own energy generating company. It will maintain the whole university with the help of reproducing nature resources. For this purpose is planned to construct two heating stations. The cost of project realization is about $170 mln. The sponsors must be private investors.


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