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Supercomputing Center

Hotline: tel. 204-80-13

Stirenko Sergei G. (stirenko[at]
Alenin Oleg (alenin[at]
Address: educational building 6, room 22.
Hours of applications and consultations at the Centre: (Monday - Friday from 12:00 to 14:00)

The Supercomputing center (SCC) was created to develop the information infrastructure of education and science, implementation of the provisions of Presidential Decree of 20 October 2005 №1497.2005 "On the priorities for the implementation of advanced information technologies," objectives of the State Program "Information and Communication Technologies in Education and Science for 2006 -2010 "and pursuant to the relevant order of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 301-r of May 31, 2006. One of the main tasks of the Centre  is to create in Ukraine Grid Infrastructure production quality with high-quality services based on the National Research and Education Network URAN. SCC is a budget unit  of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, which defines the main directions, provides direction and coordination of the work on the collective use of multi-cluster computing platform, network and information technology in the research university and Ukraine as a whole by introducing Grid technologies (Grid Computing) to existing local network Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and National Ukrainian Research and Education Network URAN.

The Centre's Tasks

  • Creation in Ukraine a Grid Infrastructure of production quality with high-quality services at the National Research and Education Network URAN.
  • Implementation of distributed computing systems ultrahigh bandwidth (aggregated real power of 1.4 teraflops, the volume of data to be processed more than 1 pentabyte per year), while significantly improving the efficiency through the use of computer technology in Grid temporarily free resources.
  • Creation of large-scale systems monitoring, management, and maintenance of complex analysis with globally distributed data sources that can support the livelihoods of government agencies, organizations, and corporations.
  • Participation in the European project BalticGrid as an associate member, implementation and support of the world's outstanding basic Grid applications, primarily from branches of Materials (GAMESS to study the geometric structure of different materials), bioinformatics (3-dimensional models of biological macromolecules), of High energies (LHC simulation experiments).
  • Provision of the  remote access to supercomputing resources and a wide range of scientific data to  scientists from universities and research institutions of Ukraine, promotion in Ukrainian of  freely available software (Open Source Software).
  • Inclusion of Ukrainian Grid (UGrid) as a full-fledged component to be created is now the European GRID-Infrastructure (EGI) and the opportunity thus provided scientists Ukraine actively cooperate in the European Research Area (European Research Area).
  • Formation of the users UGrid association  - infrastructure, the organization of their education and training on professional interests, including the preparation of training materials, workshops and summer schools, creating and maintaining a website about available resources and pilot applications.
  • Creation and support of special groups of users on research interests in promising application sectors (for example, a solution of combinatorial problems, three-dimensional modeling of complex nonlinear fields of mathematical modeling of microelectronic mechanical systems (MEMS), etc.) and the provision of priority services from the resources of the Centre.
  • Consideration of international standards, Grid policies and practices in Europe, the interaction with other European national Grid infrastructures testing and certification Middleware and support the development of applications (apps).

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