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Fitness in the workplace

Фітнес на робочому місці

The rhythm of modern life leaves the women little of free time for the favorite hobbies. Most of them do not have time for exercise, to maintain the figure in good shape. Overweight, headache, insomnia, blurred vision, weakness, disease of the musculoskeletal system, spine, joints, cardiovascular disease, etc. – these are the sad companions of our lifestyle, permanent location in the workplace in the same position, the seat beside the computer.

Get the necessary exercise for normal operation of the organism one can do even without leaving the workplace. You will need a chair with normal back. So, exercises with the help of the chair - a complex, due to which a person is able to stay in shape without special sports equipment. This is the perfect solution for those who do not have too much time for long workouts in gyms, but there is a desire to stay in great shape and good spirits.

All exercises are simple, and for their implementation need only desire and systematic approach. A set of exercises should be selected individually, depending on fitness, health, goals and objectives. The activities consist of the following parts: preparation (warm-up), the main, stretching exercises (stretching) and final (hitch). In the main part there were used exercises for muscles in the arms, abdominals, back, legs (torso twisting types of push-ups, kicks, lunges, half-squattings etc.). Exercises can be performed in a chair, with a resistance to it, sitting on it. To diversity the exercises one can make simple dance moves near the chair, avoiding it - it all depends on your mood and your imagination.

To numb leg muscles it is recommended the exercise "running in place" (sitting on the chair simulate jogging with alternate lifting bent in knee feet). After such a "run" is necessary:

- Knock your heels on the floor;

- Compression and unclamping of the toes;

- Rolling by foot feet any cylindrical object (pencil, marker, etc.).

This way one can get rid surge leg, foot muscles, and improve flow of the blood and lymph drainage.

Different sets of exercises in the workplace not only allow always be in a good mood and tone, but also help to rally the team and to diversify the monotony of everyday work. These classes can be recommended to students as morning exercises, sports minutes between lectures, for practicing at home or in dormitories.

Description of the complex look on the website of the department of physical education FBE:

Irina Novikova, teacher, Department of Physical Education / In the photo - the author


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