XIX tour of the integrated monitoring the quality of training

In November - December 2014 the Institute of Education Quality Monitoring was conducted nineteenth round of comprehensive monitoring of the quality of training in NTUU "KPI".

The monitoring covered 3296 students V-year, 144 specialties, 113 departments of NTUU "KPI" and 1014 fundamental, humanitarian, professionally oriented and special disciplines.

In the study of the labor market for the quality of training at the University there has been involved more than 1,000 domestic and foreign leading companies, organizations, institutions, businesses and others.

The index of the quality of training in each specialty was determined by methods approved by the University Academic Council.

A feature of the tour was a significant increase in the index value quality in most specialties of the University. For the first time, in a number of specialties of the University while testing residual knowledge it was used the automated system "TEST".

The results of the integrated monitoring the quality of training in the field NTUU"KPI" on the results of XIX tour and XVII - XIX tours (V –year students, autumn 2014) [uk]

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