In March - April 2014, the Institute for Monitoring the quality of education conducted eighteenth round of comprehensive monitoring the quality of training in NTUU"KPI".

The monitoring covered 3535 IV year students , 138 specialties, 114 chairs of NTUU "KPI". Around 21-thousand jobs of rector of quality control of residual knowledge of 989 -fundamental, humanitarian, professional-oriented and specialized disciplines has been tested and processed.

A sociological study of the labor market for the quality of training at the University reached more than 650 leading companies, organizations, institutions, businesses and others.

Index the quality of training for each specialty was determined by the method approved by the Academic Council of the University.

For the majority of specialties in the current round there was a high level of knowledge in information technology and foreign language, which indicates, on the one hand the considerable work carried out by the relevant departments, and on the other - a conscientious attitude to monitoring from the students.

Among the specialties that have made considerable progress over the previous round should note the following: "Software Systems" (FAM), "Control systems of production and distribution of electric power" (FEPEA), "Mathematics" (FPM), "Telecommunication systems and networks" ( FE), "Applied Mathematics" ( FAM), "Energy Management" ( IESEM)

According to the "Procedure for the comprehensive monitoring as a form of quality control of the rector specialists in NTUU "KPI", reports of the University departments which, according to the results of the eighteenth round, took the last ten places to address the identified deficiencies and implement appropriate measures to improve the quality of training will be presented at a meeting of the Methodological Council.