In March - April 2013 Institute of Education Quality Monitoring carried out the sixteenth round of integrated monitoring of the Professional Training Quality in NTUU “KPI” (IMPTQ).

Monitoring covered around 4 thousands of students of the fourth course of study, 142 of specialties, 116 departments of NTUU “KPI”. It has been tested and processed nearly 21,000 works of rectorial quality control of residual knowledge of 954 basic, professionally oriented and professional disciplines.

The index of the professional training quality of each specialty was determined by the method approved by the Academic Council of the University.

The peculiarity of the round was that the division of the total number of professionals was made on 5 main clusters (12, 40, 45, 22, 4) according to the level of training quality.

Among the specialties that have made significant progress in comparison to the previous round the following should be noted: "Applied Physics" (IPT), “Devices and Systems of Nondestructive Testing” (FIDE), “Instrumentation Technology” (FIDE) and “Computer-integrated manufacturing processes and production” (FHPE).

According to the “Integrated monitoring procedure as a form of rectorial control of professional training quality in NTUU “KPI” at a meeting of the Methodical Council of the University the reports of the departments and specialties which, as a result of the sixteenth round, took the last five places will be heard in order to eliminate detected faults and implement appropriate measures to improve the quality of professional training.

Translator: Атаманюк Наталія ЛА-11