Helicopter Mi-2 in the technical museum in the open air

Helicopter Mi-2 has been installed at the site near the former hangar, which is now the Department of History of Aviation and Cosmonautics DPM. It is an exhibit of the technical museum in the open air NTUU "KPI". Opening took place June 15, 2009. MI-2 is a present from Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The Mi-2 fuselage has semimonocoque all-metal construction and consists of three parts:

  • the fore-body where the crew cabin is situated;
  • the centre section with the passenger compartment for 8 passengers;
  • the aft-body which includes the tail beam with a controlled stabilizer.

The power plant is located in a large superstructure on the fuselage of the helicopter. Two engines "GTD-350" are located in front of the three-stage main gear box, and on the top there is the fan that cools oil assembly and head gear.