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Department of Information Communications Networks (ITM), ITS

Department of Information Communications Networks (ITM) trains in direction "Telecommunications" in specialty "Information Communication Networks":

Department of Telecommunication Systems (TS), ITS

Department of Telecommunication Systems (TS) was founded according to the decree (#1-170 from 27 of December 2004) of the Rector of NTUU "KPI" within Institute of Telecommunication Systems. TS department is accredited by the IV level and prepare students of academic program 6.050903 "Telecommunications", specialty "Telecommunication Systems and Networks."

Institute of Telecommunication Systems

Кампус КПІ, Корпус № 30

Adress: 2, Industrialna ln., Кyiv, Ukraine, 03056
Phones: 236-62-23, 236-40-14
e-mail: its[at]
Faculty Day: February 14

International research journal "Information and Telecommunication Sciences"

Mailing Address: 2, Industrial provulok, office 604, Kiev, 03056, Ukraine Institute of Telecommunication Systems NTUU «KPI»
Principal Contact: М. Ye. Ilchenko - Editor-in-chief
ISSN: 2411-2976


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