Igor Valentynovych Kovalenko is 70!

On May,22 Igor Valentynovych Kovalenko, associate professor of chemical, polymeric and silica machine building chair Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Politechnic Institute, Doctor of technical sciences has turned 70 years old.

Igor Valentynovych's way of life - is the whole chair life era, life since early childhood, as his father had worked here,too- Valentyn Ivanovich, who was appreciated and loved by us, senior students. He have always came to the rescue , by prompting or controlling our knowledge. So, only thanks to him, we, 5th course students of automation chemical production chair, managed to practice on Kamchatka, on fish-processing plant in town of Bilsheretska. He was always next to us, be was a teacher of great service. We remember it with great gratitude.

Igor Valentynovych's way of life in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Politechnic Institute started with entering chemical engineering faculty, which he graduated from with excellence in 1971. After that, from 1971 till 1974, he was studying on postgraduate studies of chemical engineering faculty under managing of Y.Y. Lykach. In 1976 he successfully wrоte a candidate dissertation , and in 1979 he became an associate professor in chemical, polymeric and silica machine building chair. From 1980 till 1984 he was doing organizing and teaching work in Algeria, where he was working as a professor and head of the chair  in National light industry institute.

During his work in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Politechnic Institute Igor Valentynovych has shown himself as  experienced, highly qualified specialist and professor, who made a great contribution in scientific teaching faculty basis development and scientific and engineering specialists preparation.

He is auther and co-author of about 170 scientific works,  among them - 13 certificate of authorship USRR ,6 Ukraine patents for invention , 15 patents of developed foreign countries , 6 educational textbooks with griff of Ministry of Education and Science and textbook "Main processes , machines and chemical production devices". Igor Valentynovych is also an author of 12 monographies and almost 20 methodological guidelines from educational courses.

I.V.Kovalenko is rewarded with Ministry of Education and Science Certificate of merit. In 2007 he was rewarded with Ministry of Education and Science Mark "Straight-A professor of Ukraine". Students' works, having been done under his management, were rewarded and took merit places in different competitions many times. So, 5 masters, whose supervisor was Igor Valentynovych, got gold medals in Ukrainian competition "Gold chestnut", dedicated to packing problems. Many his students then became professors and are successful in scientific works. Under I.V.Kovalenko there were 2 PhD dissertations were written and also dozens of highly qualified mechanics-engineers graduated.

I.V.Kovalenko took the 2nd place in university competition for the best textbook, handbook and  monograph for three books ( in cooperation with V.V.Malynovsky): "Main processes , machines and chemical production devices",  "Main processes , machines and chemical production devices calculations", "Educational researches of processes , machines and chemical production devices".

In 2004-2005 I.V.Kovalenko, as true Ukrainian patriot, joined the Orange Revolution, by standing for freedom during 62 days on barricade N1 on Bankova street. His memories about the barricade and those events he described in his work "Nine bright days of my Orange Revolution".

Igor Valentynovych 's talents appear not only in teaching and scientific work. More than 53 years he participates in International cultural and art centre Folk instruments orchestra. The orchestra became a laureate of competition "Music of the world" in Italy, visited Yugoslavia, Germany, Belаrus, Lithuania, Uzbekistan with concerts. In 2014 I.V.Kovalenko became a winner of a competition, dedicated to 200th anniversary of T.H.Shevchenko's birthday for the best literary work.

We would like to wish our highly esteemed Doctor further success in work, new scientific and creative achievements, great succes in music, good health, vivacity and family wealth for long years of life.