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Bulletin of NTUU "KPI". Informatics, Management and Computer Science

Collection of "Bulletin of NTUU "KPI". Informatics, Management and Computer Science" coverage of the results of research on the components of computing and information systems and complexes, automation devices and data transmission systems, automated programming, control and diagnostics, Artificial Intelligence.

Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Journal of Mechanical Engineering acquaintance with the newest achievements in the branch of mechanical engineering, the results of scientific achievements and improved methods of calculation and planning of elements in mechanical engineering constructions.

For scientists and scientific and technical specialists in the branch of mechanical engineering.

Collection of scientific works "Technology and technique of typography"

Thematic of journal "Technology and technique of typography": covering theoretical and practical achievements of domestic and foreign science in the field of methods and means of printing; consideration of the problems and prospects of development of technology, materials and equipment of publishing, printing and distribution of editions; improvement and development of new techniques and proces

The journal "System research and information technologies"

ISSN 1681-6048 (printed version)
ISSN 2308-8893 (online version)

Visnyk of the NTUU "KPI". Philosophy. Psychology. Pedagogics

Old version of site:

The journal is intended for the publication of scientific works of Ukrainian and foreign scholars in philosophy, psychology and pedagogics of higher education.

The Scientific-Technical Journal "Microsystems, Electronics and Acoustics"

The Scientific-Technical Journal "Microsystems, Electronics and Acoustics"

Address: 03056, Kyiv-56, st. Polytechnichna, 16, Bldg. 12 Room. 116.
Contact phone: 204-94-39
Email: editor[at]
Executive Editor: Oleksii Viktorovych Bogdanov

Radioelectronics and Communications Systems

Radioelectronics and Communications Systems, ISSN 1934-8061 (Online), ISSN 0735-2727 (Print) is a monthly peer-reviewed international scientific journal on electrical engineering, electronic engineering, and electronics.



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