Faculty of Physical Engineering

Dean: Corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Professor Petro Loboda
Address: Room. 216, Build.9, 35 Politechnichna str., Kyiv, 03056,
Phone numbers: 204-82-15, 204-91-54, 204-91-56
e-mail: iff[at]ntu-kpi.kiev.ua

Departments of the Faculty of Physical Engineering

Logotype of the Department of Physics of Metals” title= Training of metallurgical specialties has been started since foundation of KPI. In 1944, KPI has established the Metallurgical Department, which in 1975 got its present name - Engineering & Physics Faculty>

Faculty trains specialists in the sphere of the developing new metallic and non-metallic materials, obtaining and formation of high-end technologies, determining material properties and quality evaluation of finished products, automation of technological processes using modern means of Computer Science and Information Technology

After long-term experience of productive collaboration of the Faculty and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, they established an educational and scientific association in sphere of "Materials science", "Materials Science and Special Metallurgy", "Materials and Metallurgy", which includes world famous research centers of and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine: The E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute, Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science, Kurdyumov Institute for Physics of Metals, Physico-Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys, Bakul Institute for Superhard Materials. As a result, bases of these institutes were involved in the educational process of human resource development.

Graduates work in institutions of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, branch scientific-research institutions, design institutes, organizations and the enterprises in almost all branches of industry, producing components for machines and mechanisms made of composite materials, metal alloys.