Department of Information Security (IS), IPT

The department was founded in August 2, 1999 by joint efforts of scientists and teachers and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Head of the department Doctor of Technical Science, Professor Alexei Nikolaevich Novikov.
The main objective of the department is training of higly qualified specialists in educational trends “Applied mathematics” and “Security of informational and communication systems” at the request of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the National Bank of Ukraine and other institutions of state and private ownership.
The department provides fundamental and professionally-oriented students PTI training of higher mathematics, informatics, information security. Education provided by the Department, based on the principles of physicotechnical educational system.
Fields of research activities of the department:

  • Mathematical analysis and synthesis of nonlinear physical processes (head – Doctor of Technical Science, Prof. A.N. Novikov).
  • Quantum information technologies (head – D.Sc., Professor. Gomonay O.V.).
  • Simulation of ordered and disordered systems (head – D.Sc., Professor. Gomonay O.V.)
  • Mathematical modeling and design of information security systems (head – Doctor of Technical Science, Prof. A.N. Novikov)
  • Safety information and communication technology (head – Doctor of Technical Science Prof. Arkhipov O.E. ).

Partners of the department. The department has more than 10 agreements with partners – Institute of NAS of Ukraine – Cybernetics Institute , Mathematics Institute, Institute of Space Research of NAS of Ukraine and National Space Agency of Ukraine, International Research and Training Center of Information Technologies and Systems NAS and MES of Ukraine, the National Bank of Ukraine, state enterprises ( “Ukrainian special systems”), companies of area of information and telecommunication (“Atlas”, “Quasar-Mikro”).
Graduates of the department work and continue their education in postgraduate school in the leading scientific institutions in Ukraine and abroad.