Faculty of aviation and space systems - 20!

Faculty of aviation and space systems - one of the youngest faculties of NTUU "KPI" created for the solution of needs of Ukraine as sovereign the aviation and space power country according to the decision of Council of university in May, 1993.

As initiators and founders of faculty performed the National Space Agency of Ukraine in the face  of his CEO academician V.P. Gorbulin the rector of university academician M.Z.Zgurovsky and the manager acted. department of theoretical mechanics and MNDIPM "Rhythm", people's Deputy of Ukraine M. A. Pavlovsky. Thus, by the century of NTUU "KPI" revived at the new level of tradition of development of aircraft and astronautics which were begun at the beginning of the XX century with works of professor M. B. Delon on department  of theoretical mechanics of KPI, development of the aircraft designer I. I. Sikorsky and designer  of spaceships S. P. Koroleva - students of mechanical faculty of KPI.

The first dean of faculty of aviation and space systems was elected the honored worker of science and equipment of Ukraine, the winner of the State awards of the USSR, USSR and Ukraine professor, the Doctor of Engineering Mikhail Antonovich Pavlovsky (***). Since 2000 the faculty is headed by his pupil - the honored worker of science and technique of Ukraine, the winner of the State awards of the USSR and Ukraine, professor, the Doctor of Engineering Alexander Vasilyevich Zbruchsky.

The faculty consists of 4 departments, each of them has the own  history:

  1. the department of devices and control systems of aircrafts which carries out training of specialists on the specialties "Planes and Helicopters" and "Control Systems of Aircraft and Complexes" on development, design, research and operation of control systems of mobile objects, designing and production of the space-rocket and aircraft equipment. The department is founded in 1993 together with creation of faculty of aviation and space systems. Professor, the Doctor of Engineering O. V. Zbrutsky heads department;
  2. the department of automation of experimental researches  (specialty "Information Measuring Systems") trains IT specialists in programming, the computer equipment and information measuring technologies for development and operation of computer measuring systems, scientific researches and complex tests of difficult objects. The department is founded in 1978. The professor and the Doctor of Engineering Yulian Mikhaylovich Tuz heads the department, who is the winner of the State award of Ukraine in the field of science and equipment;
  3. the department of information and measuring equipment (specialty "Metrology and Measuring Equipment") trains experts for performance the work in the sphere of experimental informatics (measurement, control, diagnostics, tests). The department is founded in 1945. The associate professor, candidate of technical sciences Nina Antonovna Yaremchuk heads the department;
  4. the department of theoretical mechanics was created in 1898 - in the year of foundation of the Kiev polytechnic institute, and during this time the name wasn't change. The member of National committee of Ukraine on theoretical and applied mechanics professor, the Doctor of Engineering Victor Guryevich Savin heads department.

Staffs of departments of faculty created a basis of scientific-researching institutes and centers:

 automation of scientific-researching studies; experimental informatics and metrology; problems of mechanics "Rhythm"; critical technologies of navigational instrumentation.

The faculty celebrates the 20th anniversary considerable achievements in educational-methodic and educational-organizational work , first of all, thanking to group of scientific and pedagogical workers.

Today at the faculty work 10 professors, 38 docents and 11 senior lecturers.

Honorable doctor of the faculty of aviation and space systems is the first astronaut of independent Ukraine, the hero of Ukraine the major general Leonid Konstantinovich Kadenyuk and the first astronaut of the Federative Republic of Germany Ulrich Walther, who is professor of  Technical university of Munich.

The faculty prepares bachelors, experts and masters with training terms respectively 4 years; 1,5 and 2 years in 3 directions:

  1. Metrology and information-measuring technologies;
  2. Avian - and rocket production;
  3. Avionics

and to 4 specialties:

  1. Metrology and measuring equipment;
  2. Information measuring systems;
  3. Planes and helicopters;
  4. Control systems of aircraft and complexes.

For high-quality preparation of specialists of all educational and qualification levels by group of lecturers is carried out a lot of work on ensuring educational process with all necessary methodical  providing. During the existence of the faculty 20 textbooks with a signature stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and a large number of methodical instructions to performance of laboratory works, a practical training, academic year projects and works are published.

Considerably security of educational process with computer aids was improved - 11 computer classes work at faculty.

On departments of the faculty are created  22 specialized laboratories in which students gain practical experience on the chosen specialty. For educational process the bench hall is involved in which industrial samples of the aircraft equipment, including planes MiG-23, Yak-40 and An-26, the Mi-2 helicopter are uses. Laboratories of " Motorola Foundation" corporation, geo information technologies of the company Dzhepssen of the corporation the Boeing are open , a computer class with program license providing for 3-D modeling (design CAD/CAM / SAE) according to the program Tempus. Participation of students and lecturers in the program of creation of microsatellites is provided by means of the created on department  devices and control systems of aircraft, of the laboratory of satellite construction and earth control station, where circuit technical solutions of control systems and collection of information from microsatellites are fulfilled.

For mastering of modern technologies specialized laboratories use the equipment and the software provided by the leading world corporations, among which there are: Motorola, Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, Infopulse, National Instruments, Melexis, Jeppesen etc. The department of automation of experimental researches became the certified representative of National Instruments firm in Ukraine.

At the faculty actively develop new technologies of training, in particular the remote. On the department of information and measuring equipment the pilot project on introduction of distance studying in "Metrology and measuring equipment" is realized. 8 faculties and 12 departments of NTUU "KPI" became participants of implementation of the pilot project of training of bachelors in the "Metrology and Information and Measuring Technologies" direction. On the server of the Ukrainian institute of information technologies in formation of NTUU "KPI" are placed more than 50 sites of remote courses which passed test operation, 31 from them received a signature stamp of NTUU "KPI" and certificates of UIITO. Technologies of remote access are developed, including with the help of mobile communication, to laboratory equipment that considerably expands possibilities of remote technologies in studying.

For years of the existence the faculty trained 2120 experts, from them 540 masters.

For the last 15 years honors degrees received 135 graduates: 127 masters and 8 experts.

Today at faculty study 591 students, including 112 masters.

In 2006 it is entered the credit and modular rating system of training allows to estimate more objectively knowledge of students and stimulates them to systematic studying during a semester. From the total amount of students 7% study only perfectly  and another 33% perfectly well and well.

Students of faculty of aviation and space systems actively participate in various competitions and the Olympic Games on profile disciplines, sports competitions. Winners in them were: Vitaly Romanchenko (The All-Ukrainian Olympiad on theoretical mechanics), Mikhail  Afanasyev (The All-Ukrainian Olympiad of student's works), Elena Afanasyeva (The All-Ukrainian Olympiad of student's works), Roman Karnaushenko (The All-Ukrainian Olympiad on aircraft and astronautics), Oksana Zakora (The All-Ukrainian Olympiad of student's scientific works), Alexey Kurdecha (the world champion in an arm wrestling among students) and Vladimir Mikhalsky (the championship of Kiev on chess).

The KVN faculty team won first place in league of KVN of NTUU "KPI". The national teams of faculty won soccer competitions, to an arm wrestling, university relays of health and "Stock anti-AIDS".

The best students of faculty get nominal grants of Sikorsky, of Pavlovsky and of Koroleva. Nowadays nominal grants receive 13 students, and for all years 190 students received them. In 2009 Dmitry Mishkin got a grant of the Cabinet of Ukraine, Anton Shantir in 2010 - a grant of the President of Ukraine, Oksana Zakora in 2011 - a grant of the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine.

The most active part in public work of faculty was taken by students Maxim Podolyan, Ekaterina Orlova, Dmitry Mishkin, Ekaterina Tretiak, Alexey Slobodyan, Anatoly Omelchenko, Oksana Zakora, Aleksandra Molodchik, Maxim Zakrevsky, Vadim Stasyuk, Anton Feoktistov.

Lecturers and students of faculty of aviation and space systems cooperate with many schools of Kiev and Ukraine: during 2012 information support was carried out at 130 schools.

Together with the Kiev office of Small academy of Sciences it is opened avia section - and rocket production. Work of section which are part ten pupils head lecturers of faculty Y.I.Bondar and G. V. Sariboga . Pupils of section already participate in competitions protection MAN of Ukraine, the competition Intel Techno. In 2012 together with the Kiev office of Small academy of Sciences the faculty began carrying out the competition "Dream Wings" in which pupils who connect the activity with aircraft and astronautics take part.

Lecturers of faculty are a part of jury of competition which carries out the National center of space formation of youth of Ukraine of Makarov - "Peace space", of engineering competitions among school students, which carry out the student's organization BEST-KIEV.

In recent years constantly grows competition of entrants on faculty : in 2012 it was 5,5 applications for a place (2011 - 3,5; 2 010 - 3,65; 2009 - 4,56; 2008 - 1,74).

At faculty is carried out the training of foreign students . Since 1997 110 bachelors and 20 masters for Turkey, Iran, India, Jordan, China, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Lebanon are prepared. Today at faculty also citizens of Azerbaijan, Ghana, Nigeria, Congo, Morocco are trained. Foreign citizens at faculty of aviation and space systems defended 3 master's theses.

The faculty has the common projects of the academic mobility and scientific-technical projects with fifteen higher education institutions partners from countries from Europe and Asia. Among them:

  • Republic of Korea: Hanjang University, Korean university (Seoul)
  • Federative Republic of Germany: Technical university of. Munich; Technical university of.  Berlin; Technical university of. Tsittau; Specialized higher school of. Konstants;
  • Republic of Poland: Warsaw technological university;
  • Republic of Belarus: Belarusian state university (Minsk);
  • China: Northeast polytechnic university, Shenyansky space university, Chinese institute of civil aviation;
  • Ireland: Dublin institute of technology;
  • Czech Republic: Czech technical university;
  • Romania: Budapest university of technology and economy;
  • France Central school of. Nantes (Ecole Centrale de Nantes)
  • Spain: University of the Basque Country.

On educational projects and projects of the academic mobility which are carried out at faculty (the CRIST draft of the TEMPUS program, the EWENT draft of the ERASMUS MUNDUS program), more than 70 students and lecturers of faculty passed training in higher education institutions of Europe. The representation of the international organization of the academic exchanges of IEASTE (The International Association for the Ex of Students for Technical Experience - Germany) and local group of the international student's organization BEST-KYIV works at faculty (Board of European Students of Technology - Council of students of technical universities of Europe).

Since 2005 at faculty annually internships specialists of aerospace branch of the People's Republic of China.

By contracts with foreign partners at faculty internship more than 140 experts from China, and also Germany and Russia.

Six years in a row at faculty conducted the International student's conference "Intelligence, Integration, Reliability" in which take part students of Poland, Koreas, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and our students - in conferences of partner universities.

Lecturers and staff of faculty have big achievements in scientific work that is noted by award of high ranks to them. Among them: O. V. Zbrutsky - the honored worker of science and equipment of Ukraine, the winner of the State awards of the USSR and Ukraine, professor, the Doctor of Engineering; V.D. Tsidelko, V. G. Lukomsky - honored workers of science and equipment; professors Y.M.Tuz, V. V. Sukhov, A. B. Kamelin - winners of the State award of Ukraine in the field of science and equipment; associate professor V.P. Zinchenko - twice the winner of the State award of Ukraine in the field of science and equipment; professor E.T.Volodarsky five times, and professor Y.M.Tuz were entitled the lecturer-researcher of NTUU "KPI" twice; associate professor V. M. Fedorov - the honored worker of the higher school, and associate professor N. A. Yaremchuk - the honored teacher of NTUU "KPI".

Through postgraduate study and doctoral studies 130 graduates are prepared, 22 candidate and 2 doctoral dissertations are protected by the staff of faculty, and also 12 candidates and 8 doctors of science for other establishments are prepared.

Lecturers and scientific faculty prepared and published 44 monographs, 3 State standards of Ukraine (DSTU 2681-94, DSTU 354-97, DK-011-96) and 3 techniques of State standard of Ukraine (MI-081/29,16-98 are developed; MI-081/29,16-02; MI-081/29,16-01 which are introduced in production in JSC Rostock). Employees of faculty actively participate in holding of conferences and seminars. The average number of publications grows (articles and theses of conferences) in a year on one student and on one lecturer : so, in the first years of establishment of faculty it was respectively 1,3 and 3,7, and in the current year - 1,6 and 4,5. In 20 years scientific and pedagogical workers and students took out 69 patents for the invention.

In this period was made scientific research for the sum of 24500000 UAH and 450 thousand dollars. By results of the executed NIR in the industry of Ukraine was introduced a large number of devices and devices. Among them:

  • the military secondary standard of unit of voltage (from 0,1 B to 1000 V of alternating current in the range of frequencies from 10 Hz to 30 MHz) introduced in Armed forces of Ukraine;
  • the measuring information system of the stand for tests of tank V-46 diesels, is introduced in Armed forces of Ukraine;
  • the system of measurement of a difference the quasi steady of electric potentials in the marine environment and system of measurement of induction of a weak variation magnetic field, are introduced in the People's Republic of China;
  • the automated complex of ultrasonic nondestructive control of wheel couples of railway cars introduced in Germany;
  • a hardware-software complex for automatic eddy current control and the stethoscope for pipes, are introduced at Nikopol pipe plant;
  • the local active system of suppression of a magnetic field of power supply networks in working rooms, is introduced in a banking system;
  • it is introduced in production the gyroscopic compass for sea and river crafts is awarded the State award of Ukraine;
  • the gyroscopic coordinator is more whole, is introduced on ON "Arsenal".

The faculty on a constant basis will organize and hold the International scientific and technical conference "Girotehnology, navigation, traffic control and designing of aerospace equipment".

The faculty publishes scientific and technical collections "Mechanics of Gyroscopic Systems" and "Information Systems, Mechanics and Managements".

Graduates of faculty successfully work in institutions, the organizations, at the enterprises of the city of Kiev and Ukraine, in particular at GP "Antonov", at Institute of cybernetics of Glushkov, at the State enterprise of special instrument making "Arsenal", GP "Ukrmetrteststandart", Ukrkosmos, in NTUU "KPI", banking institutions and establishments on IT technologies, at plant of Artem, in KKB "Beam", etc.

The faculty approached the 20 anniversary with considerable achievements which are the next step in formation of modern scientific training center of training of specialists for aerospace branch.

Y.V. Bobkov, the deputy dean of the FAX on educational and methodical work, cand.tech.sci., docent.