Dynnyk Oleksandr Mykolayovych (1876-1950) - Academician of the Ukrainian SSR (1929), academician of the USSR (1946), Honored Researcher of the USSR (1944), Professor (1911).

In 1899 he graduated from Kyiv University. In 1899-1910 - assistant, teacher of physics Kiev Polytechnic Institute, 1911 - Professor of Donetsk Polytechnic Institute (Novocherkassk), in 1913-1941 - Head of Department of Theoretical Mechanics in Katerinoslavsk (Dnepropetrovsk) Mining Institute, while in 1923-1925 he lectured in Donetsk College of Mining. In 1941-1944 he worked at the Institute of Mining Mechanics USSR Academy of Sciences in Ufa and Moscow, 1944-1947 - Head of the Department of Theory elasticity Institute of Mining Mechanics, Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences, at the same time professor of Kiev University in 1944-1950. From 1948 – he was the Head of the Department of elasticity of the Institute of Structural Mechanics, USSR. The scientist-engineer, founder of Ukrainian scientific school of applied theory of elasticity, the founder of scientific school of mechanics for strength and stability of machines and structures created many experimental bases and research laboratories.

His research interests were - investigation of the stability of elastic systems, contact problems, numerical methods for ordinary differential equations of elasticity, the application functions to solve problems of elasticity and so on.
He trained more than 40 doctors of sciences.

He was awarded the Order of Lenin, the Red Banner of Labor and medals.

He authored over 200 scientific papers, including "Course of Theoretical Mechanics" in 3 parts (1931-1932). "Stability of Elastic Systems" (1938-1950), "Torsion: Theory and Application" (1938).