Summer Programming School "CODE Summer" 2016

KPI supports the initiative of the “IT Ukraine” Association in the implementation of the Summer Programming School “CODE Summer” for the third time. This year, the School gathered 70 students from 7 to 10 grades from all over Ukraine who were studying from July 29 to August 19. During the “CODE Summer” students got basic programming skills, and at the end of the school they had to develop and present their own projects. Talented KPI students was their instructors. In the end, the participants received certificates of training completion, and the best students also received gifts from the IT partner companies of the project.

Detailed information about the Summer Programming School “CODE Summer”

Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Additional classes on Thursday were possible. lectures from IT companies and excursions to the companies hold too.

“CODE Summer” Teachers - KPI Students:

● Gogi Victor, FPM;
● Romanenko Nikita, FIOT;
● Ignore Games, Java, ISZZI.

This year, children from Kyiv, Rivne and Kryvy Rih, Kyiv and Rivne regions study at the summer school.
The partner companies are Epam, SoftServe and KNDA.