Educational TV studio: Heat power industry

Thermal and nuclear power stations

The film describes the work of thermal power plants. You will see the process of converting chemical energy of fuel into heat, then into mechanical power. The film shows four basic elements of power plant. The basic characteristics of thermal machines operation are observed. In the end thermal and nuclear power plants are compared to each other.

Steam turbines

Most of the electricity is generated at nuclear and thermal power plants. Steam turbines are the main engine to drive electric generators. The film is devoted to them. It demonstrates their operation principle, the structure of different types of turbines, describes the methods of increasing their capacity.

Electrical methods for measuring thermal variables

Thermal power plants are complex assemblies. Such complex needs proper attention. The film tells about the control systems of thermal power plants. You will learn what parameters need attention first of all, what measuring instruments are used and how all these devices work.

Unsteady heat and mass transfer

We meet heat and mass transfer phenomena everywhere. And usually, this exchange is unsteady. In each case it appears in different ways. You will learn about the basic principles of the theory of heat transfer, get acquainted with unsteady heating, cooling and mass transfer phenomena, widespread in nature and engineering.

The films are based on the film archives of technical training department NTUU "KPI".