Rules of entry

1. Applications for entry are accepted from 15 July to 10 August. The application fee paid in such amount:

a) The workers, members of the ANC, rural teachers and their children - 1 rubles .;

b) Farmers middle, serving, receiving 100 rubles. per month, and their children - 3 rubles .;

c) Employees who receive from 100 to 210 rubles. month, craftsmen and their children - 5 rubles .;

d) Employees who receive on-ts of more than 210 rubles., journalists, artists, and their children make 10 rubles .;

d) Those professions (doctors with private practice, board members and deputy v. al.), rich peasants and their children - 15 rubles .;

e) Persons living on unearned income and their children - 26 rubles.

To accurately determine their fees for exams, employees must submit a certificate of wage and unemployed - for help. <...>

Procedure examinations <...>

3. Examinations NCU in the following disciplines:

a) Mathematics, b) Physics, c) Chemicals, d) Socialist. economy., d) drawings, e) Eng. language, f) additional discipline - written and oral.

It should be noted that those who come from other republics without proper training Ukrainian. language, will grace period during which must pass the exam, otherwise they will be mechanically removed from the university.

4. While university enrollment gains are: workers, peasants (nezamozhnyky), children scientific workers and members KPBU LKSMU.

5. Persons who have completed profshkoly, enroll in college after Receiving commission check their knowledge of the extent of the general requirements for admission to the university. <...>

"Kyiv Polytechnic", 16 June 1927