Educational TV studio: Descriptive Geometry

The Video Course on descriptive geometry was created at KPI educational television studio in the 80's of the last century on the initiative of the department of descriptive geometry and due to Professor Anatoly V. Pavlov’s excellent  teaching skills.

The course is designed for first year students of all technical specialties.

The scope and content of the material in the video lectures corresponds to the curriculum "Descriptive geometry and descriptive graphics" for higher technical education institutions.

Course topics "Curves", "Surfaces," "The planes tangent to the surface" having the greatest practical importance, are described in a more extensive way for students to use the materials in their research work.

It is desirable to combine the learning of the course with performing tasks in the workbook. This will facilitate the efficient retention of the material of the video lectures.

 Course topics:

  1. Projection methods and point projections.
  2. Right line projection.
  3. Plane projection.
  4. Relative position of two planes.
  5. Relative position of the right line and the plane.
  6. Perpendicularity of geometric elements.
  7. Curves.
  8. Method of plane projections substitution.
  9. The rotation around the contour line. Adjustment.
  10. Application of the method of loci for solving problems of descriptive geometry.
  11. Plane-parallel displacement and turn around projecting straight.
  12. Surfaces.
  13. Intersection of bodies with surface.
  14. Intersection of surface with straight.
  15. Intersection of surfaces.
  16. Planes tangent to the surface.
  17.  Axonometrical projections.


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