Running is fun: it's time to start

"You want to be healthy - run, if you want to be smart - run, if you want to be happy - run" - so it seems, said the ancient Greeks. They knew exercise. Not for nothing they invented the Olympic Games.

The sun now rises early. Consequently extra hours of light and spring warmth give us opportunity to feel healthy, and smart, and happy.

However, most "Olympians"-beginners rarely survive more than a month of regular exercise. They do not know how to properly train. It is a pity. After all the running is the most natural and truly useful form of physical activity. Therefore, for those who want to run with joy - our advice.

How often

The most common mistake among beginners is the desire to train every day. In fact, for a beginner, the most physical activity which, until recently, were run for trolley-bus it is needed days of rest and recovery. Therefore it is better to engage in three times a week or every other day. Wherein one of the training can be "shock", i.e. the distance it must be longer than the other. It is better to plan it one weekend, so after run  it will be possible to have a good rest.


An ideal place for training is suburban forest. There are clean air and elastic trails will not give injured joints. The parks are also good for training, but one must avoid to run the asphalt paths  but use the trails. The stadiums are good too. Track there are specially adapted for such exercises. However, as for me, monotonous winding the circles is a bit boring. It is also possible run in the streets, but the route must be laid where fewer cars and go jogging in the morning, before the heavy traffic. The worst conditions are along the motor-ways. Benefit from such training due to a large rigidity and gassed coating, especially if the concrete is zero. And there may be harm.


Of course, it is better in the afternoon or evening, not less than two hours after the meal and two hours before the bedtime. Then you're ready for the most intense physical work. However, due to our everyday duties the only possible time is the morning. Do not worry, you can get used. Do not just jump out of bed and immediately start force yourself to intensive labor. It should give the body a chance to wake up and warm up easily. Actually, you need to begin each training session from warm-up, and in the morning it should be treated more carefully.


Easy and slow. While running, you should try as much as possible unchain the whole body. Pace - so that when you run with a friend, it was possible to spread a word with him without choking. By the way, to breathe only through your nose is not necessary. Best of all - through the nose and mouth. Respiratory rhythm with experience will be installed itself, and beginners can coordinate it with the movement: for example two steps for inhale, three - exhale. Do not push your elbows to your chest, as if you have a purse with a thousand dollars. On the contrary, bent at a right angle with your hands relaxed hands are in tact steps to move along the trunk. Just as the steam engine cranks go. No need to even harmful to the ankle, running on tiptoes. Only full foot, with a roll from heel to toe.

How Much

Some experts believe that the total running load, which provides the necessary "total health" must be not less than 2 – 3 hours per week. Of course, it is difficult for the beginner to reach this figure. Therefore, one should start with small runs on a, say, the formula: 10 min. + 5 min. + 15 min. or 7 min. + 5 min. + 10 min. (In a three-day training schedule). If you can not, and so, you can start with a two-run, ie running, which alternates with walking. However, the load everyone  regulates itself. Best advisor in this case – the organism. This applies to healthy people. If you have some chronic disease, before the start of training, of course, you should harmonize their plans with your doctor.


It is better to run in running shoes. The main requirement for them is the sole elasticity and fixing (sufficient height lacing) foot. So do not chase the sneakers that cost as much as the budget of a small town. Enough to buy a pair, which is produced in this city. Experience has shown that the expensive sneakers wear out as well as cheap ones. As about the clothes there is here a full scope for self-expression. But preference should be given to all the same things from natural fabrics - the body needs to breathe.

What to expect

Of course, the improvement of health. But not right away. The adaptation process can last a month or six months – depends on the different things. When you learn to endure thirty or forty minute run during training it will give you a sense of pleasure movement. This is the work of  endorphins, or as they are called, "pleasure hormones" that are beginning to be developed intensively in a trained body during cyclic loading. Euphoria, born during the run, promotes self-confidence and good mood for almost the whole day. After a while you will not represent the existence without these pleasures.