December 22 to our editor’s office came gray-haired man. He was friendly smiling, he introduced us as a former student of KPI Utkur Hadaybayev. 40 years have been passed since the end of the university, and on this day his classmates meet to mark this anniversary date.

Our guest arrived to the meeting from Tashkent, not bypassed edition of "Kyiv Polytechnic", because even from his students years  remembers our newspaper (then it was called "For a Soviet engineer"), so wanted to see what it is now, to share with us the joy and find a copy in the archives of the newspaper in 1963, which has been written about how Utkura-student record. Number found (from 12 October), and indeed Mr Utkur was a record, but not simple, but "corn" - taking part in the gathering of culture in lanah Kirovohrad region, then a student of HA-14R electro faculty overnight cleared 31 hundredweight " Queen fields. " And at the bottom he and other enthusiasts even dedicated friendly cartoon in which "happy Queen" throws in the hands of his "faithful friend".

While we were looking yellowed newspapers,in the editors office appeared two guest classmates Utkura Hadaybayeva Mr. Forest and Mr. Musienko, others were waiting for them outside. We questioned "anniversaries" of their student life, being asked to share memories.

First of all our guests warmly recalled about their teachers and their  group GA-14R were remarkable: Vekslyer, St. George, Heranin, Tarnowski, Dobrovolsky and many others, then dean of the same faculty electroacoustic was Boris Fedorovich Natarov.

In general, they think that they were very lucky, because their group was very friendly (by the way, three years is recognized as the best academic group in the CPI), student life - rich and interesting. Where they are not only visited "friendship train": in the Baltic States and Czechoslovakia, and even in Vladivostok (last trip spaces then Union lasted more than 23 days).

December 20, 1965 the group gained the diploma. Utkur Hadaybayev remember that day very well. Then he woke up early and went to college to "defend" first. But where there! When the door already formed a queue. Students reacted to protect very seriously, worried ...

It was nice to see how former students of KPI (but good at heart) growing young again, remember those days, of course, wonderful years of life.

Today they have big holiday, a holiday of friendship. They met to refresh, unforgettable student, to see each other and communicate. At the anniversary meeting as classmates gathered from different regions of Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, Moldova. Some people didn’t recognized each other, had a lot of emotions, even tears, tears of joy. And all this - fortunately, even after 40 years they do not forget each other and their own KPI.