Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine is a branch of the National Museum of History of Ukraine. This is the only one in our country systematic collection of historical and artistic curiosities of precious metals and gemstones. Their study helps to understand the world, aesthetic ideals,  technical achievements of the peoples who lived in the lands of Ukraine for five thousand years.

The biggest collection tells about the work of jewelers of the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age: III millennium BC. – IV century AD.  Plate-applications with relief miniatures, earrings, pendants, hryvnia, necklaces, rings are amazing with variety of shapes, filigree, depth of content. Perfect things were made in the workshops of the Hellenic cities Panticapaeum, Olbia, Chersonesos. The gem of the collection is the gold pectoral from the mound Thick Tomb - pectoral Scythian king. This is the unparalleled work of the ancient artist the IV. BC called the "find of the century."

The attention of visitors is attracted by decorations, inlaid with semiprecious stones: weapons, personal decoration, detail reins - monuments of Turkic nomadic peoples, Huns, Avars, Pechenegs Polovtsian Mongol-Tatars (IV-XIV centuries). The jewelry of the Eastern Slavs VI-VIII centuries and Kievan Rus (IX-XIII cc) represents a considerable interest.

Viewers admire with decorations from cloisonne enamel: fine ornaments from plants and geometric motifs, compositions made up of mythical images. Ukrainian art jewelers of XVI-XIX centuries are presented with the objects of cult character: altar crosses, the decorations of the icons, frames to the Gospels, chalices, tabernacles. Many works were intertwined with European style - Baroque, Rococo, Classicism - with folk traditions.

The collection of Jewish silver religious objects XVIII - beginning of XX century, made by masters in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Austria-Hungary is very interesting. Another collection is named "West-European Silver XVI-XX centuries." It includes decorative items jewelers Austria, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and France. In the hands of masters the ordinary things: mugs, cups, plates turned into works of art in which organically combines form and ornament.

The museum's exhibits are the beauty that attracts visitors again and again.

Address: 01015, Kiev, st. Ivan Mazepa (January Uprising), 21 Bldg. 7