☑️ Educational process

In 2023, Kyiv Polytechnic modernized the educational process in accordance with martial law. The main directions were: dual education, updating the list of specialties, and work to integrate into the European educational space.

Admission campaign 2023. Among other things, more than 1,000 consultations were held for applicants.

A single career guidance platform was launched at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Throughout the year, meetings with representatives of faculties, seminars for teachers and partner schools, engineering schools, and campus tours were organized.

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute enrolled more than 5,200 people in the first year of bachelor's degree and 2,500 in master's degree programs.

18 scientific advisors from the university's faculty actively cooperated with gifted youth within the framework of programs and projects of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

KPI became a leader in the number of enrolled applicants for state-funded places among other universities. The number of applicants for bachelor's degree is 18.4% higher than that of Lviv Polytechnic. The number of applicants for the master's program was 14.7% higher than at the Kyiv National University.

The Department of Educational Work has provided more than 9000 thousand consultations to students this year.

The ERC IISEE systematically conducted rectorial control, organized adaptation and correctional courses for students.

Results of the blended learning format. From May to September 2023, the number of full-time classes increased. About 7,000 students are now attending face-to-face classes, which is twice as many as last semester.

304 students actively participated in academic mobility programs.

280 people completed internships. Of these, 171 students were trained abroad.

New educational programs were approved at Kyiv Polytechnic. Among them are the bachelor's program "Environmental Protection Technologies and Humanitarian Demining" and the master's program "Effective Post-War Restoration of Contaminated Areas" at the Institute of IEE; master's program "Computational Biology and Bioinformatics" at the FBMI.

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute became the first among 260 Ukrainian universities in the accreditation rating according to the independent Center for International Projects "Euroeducation". During 2023, 113 educational programs were accredited under the full procedure. Five master's and bachelor's degree programs have received international accreditation with the EUR-Ace Label.

Kyiv Polytechnic takes the first positions in the UniRank, Ranking Web and other rankings.

KPI improves the educational process in the direction of European integration and accession to the European educational space. Polytechnics were most actively involved in the projects of the EU ERASMUS+ Program.

The results of a student survey conducted by SOCIO+ have been published. They show, in particular: 44.5% of students believe that they "receive a quality education rather than a low-quality education"; 23.1% are convinced that they receive only "quality education."

According to the survey "Teacher through the eyes of students," 55.6% of teachers received a score of 5-4.5.

31.7% of higher education students agree that practical training at the university meets the real requirements of the labor market.

There are 53 agreements on dual education in 107 educational programs. The university's partners include DTEK, Antonov, Huawei Ukraine, Progresstech Ukraine, and others.

The number of people obtaining a PhD degree at the university is a record for the last five years - 991.

KPI actively promotes a culture of academic integrity. Many round tables, discussions, seminars and webinars have been organized on this topic.

Kyiv Polytechnic is working hard to follow the process of digital transformation. Fundamental changes have taken place in the automation of a unified information environment, countering attempts to hack university systems, automating accounting, developing telecommunication systems, etc.

☑️ Results of economic activity

In 2023, more than 12 thousand people lived in 22 dormitories of the KPI campus.

Since 2022, the number of places in shelters has almost doubled: from 2,658 to 4,754.

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