On January 29, 1918, Ukrainian students stopped the Bolshevik offensive on Kyiv at the cost of their lives.

On this day, we pay tribute to the resilience and courage of the young men who, like today's defenders of Ukraine, stood up to defend the Ukrainian state and stop the attacker.

In the battle of Kruty, Ukrainian troops carried out the order of the command and the Bolshevik offensive was stopped. According to various sources, there were between 4 and 6-7 thousand of them. From the Ukrainian side, 300-600 soldiers took part in the battle near Kruty. The battle lasted for several hours: several attacks were repelled, and the Bolsheviks' combat losses amounted to up to 300 killed, as well as wounded and prisoners.

Students saved the young Ukrainian statehood. About 30 young men were captured, tortured, and then executed.

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